Be prepared: Mercury Retrograde is on its way again.  Mercury Retrograde periods provide unique energy and introspective opportunity to review personal growth.

Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition by Narayana Montúfar

While a conjunction between Venus and Mercury is usually an ideal time to tell someone you like or love them, this is not particularly the case. The reason is that Mercury will go retrograde on Saturday, distorting our words and changing the way we process information for the next three weeks (it ends on June 22nd). Use this time to go inwards and reflect on what your potential Twin Flame could mean to you and your world, and ready yourself for true expression during cosmic opportune time.  

Out of all Mercury’s Retrogrades in 2021, this one is set to be the most challenging one. Happening in air sign Gemini, Mercury’s diurnal home sign, this retrograde is set to be even more mentally stimulating than normal.

The good news is that Mercury’s Retrograde will offer us a special kind of magic in terms of adjusting the way we communicate our thoughts with those around us.

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