Meet Mary Grisey: LA's New Clairvoyant Artist

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Welcome to the world of a true artist, Mary Grisey. Her channeled artwork is guttural and visceral. Her readings are just as raw and hopeful. I got up-close and personal with her to give you a glimpse of her personality, connection to spirit and zest for life. She is now offering clairvoyant readings at the house so I wanted to let you know more about just who this magical woman is both in her work and as a human figuring things out just like you! I found her answers deeply inspiring so read on and get her unique perspectives that have led her to become an artist and healer!

Q: Spirituality is the light in the darkness for people. How has your spiritual path changed you and helped you?

I always live by the motto: You can’t hold space for others if you can’t hold space for yourself. My journey as a reader has truly helped heal myself. Interesting enough, I feel as though most clients are sent my way to mirror my personal issues, so the advice I give is usually advice I’d give to myself. My spiritual path has taught me to never doubt my inner voice. It took me a while to train myself that the visions, voices, feelings or “knowing” were not my imagination or ego, but were my higher self confirming the truth. Trusting truth takes great courage because our ego gets in the way by telling us that we might be wrong, that there has to be another explanation. The more I practice my gift of seeing, the brighter my path becomes.

Q: Readings helped me get through the hardest parts of my life. I hear you're offering clairvoyant readings at HOI now. What can people expect in a reading?

Yes, I do! In my readings I to reach into the client’s higher self to tap in to their true path and focus. Holding space for a client requires complete selflessness, and to check my projections, bias or ego at the door. I am acting as a vessel to channel exactly what I am seeing that will make sense to the client for their higher good. I listen to their guides and what they need to show me. This can be in the form of an image, a sound, or words. What I am shown helps the client gain clarity so they can make the most informed decisions that put them back on their path. I strive for each of my clients to walk away from a reading feeling full, satisfied and excited for the next chapter in their journey.

Q: They say we all have psychic abilities, what type of clairs do you work with and when did you realize you had them? 

I work with all the Clairs, although it didn’t begin that way. Since I was a child, Claircognizance (to know) was my strongest ability which was actually quite frustrating because there was never any proof to why I just “knew” things. But as things started proving themselves to be true—like knowing the phone was going to ring or knowing the score of a game before the results. By nature I have always been skeptical and never believed anything until proven to be true. Last month I received my first reiki attunement which was a huge game changer. Since then, my readings have become much more potent and am able to see visions and pictures in my mind’s eye (Clairvoyance). Lately the visions have been coming in the form of an animal which serves as deep medicine for my clients to heal and seek out their true path according to what that animal might represent.

Q: Mary you are a groundbreaking artist that has some deeply metaphysical subject matter. What messages or experiences does your art have?

My art work is deeply rooted in mythological narratives and the human condition. Most of the time I never actually know what is informing my work during the process. It is only until I’ve arrived at a finished piece that the true meaning is revealed. When I am making my art I am channeling from a higher source, so usually I just let go and surrender to the outcome. In my experience, this is the best advice for one to live life. The more we let go and surrender to what is deep within, the more we honor our truth and can access meaning to our life.

As far as the metaphysical content goes, I am deeply interested in the soul and what is beyond our physicality. I like to put my materials through various processes of deconstruction that evoke the ephemerality and fragility of life. Whether I’m burning my work, burying it, dyeing it or unraveling it, my work goes through a destructive process that mirrors our impermanent experience as a human.

Q: Your work is earthly and well stringy! Your art is essentially blowing up! What cool things have you been up to and what's coming up?

I am working on a solo exhibition which will be composed of large-scale textiles, ceramic and sound. This exhibition is inspired by the Myth of Er in Book 10 of Plato’s Republic. In this story, a soldier named Er died in battle and was resurrected back to life and told the story of what he had seen in the afterlife.

I also create jewelry and am currently in the process of releasing my next handwoven and naturally hand-dyed jewelry collection this Fall. The jewelry I create is imbued with energy intended to help the wearer feel protected, powerful and confident—sort of like magical talismans.

Q: You have broken the mold as a woman who is doing what her soul asks. What advice do you have for creatives wanting to do the same?

The best advice I can give is to never stop moving forward and making. To choose to be an artist has its definite challenges and financial anxieties. The more work you put out into the world, the more of your energy is out there and someone is bound to notice and take note of it. To really commit yourself to your art practice is about sticking with it even when things seem hopeless. It’s a practice. If you are making art from your truest self it will always resonate with someone who will connect with it. We are all part of the collective unconsciousness so don’t fear your art ever being irrelevant or meaningless. If your intuition is called to art-making, the universe will provide for you the more you commit yourself to your craft and believe.

Q: I'd love to hear more about your awakening. Did you grow up in a spiritual home or did you find metaphysics on your own? 

The women in my family are deeply intuitive, so growing up in that environment has fostered my development as a reader. However, I am the only one in my family to pursue a career in the metaphysics. Since I was a young I have been a magnet for seeing and hearing spirits. My channel has always been open which has been both amazing and terrifying. To be able to see full-on apparitions as a child and to be able to articulate what I have seen has always felt isolating and unrelatable to my peers. I think there is a point when children “grow up” and turn off that magical connection to the other side. I always valued that magical part of myself as a gift and let it blossom with age.

Q: How do art and spirituality overlap and what role do both play in the evolution of our planet?

In my experience, art and spirituality have always been connected. When I am working in the studio, I am channeling a higher source that directly informs the subject matter of my work. I let go of my ego and the process takes over. This is a true evolution of letting go of control and learning through trusting the deepest part of our soul. When an artist can tap into their authentic core, this is when our collective community can understand and connect deeply with the work.

Q: Healers are people too. What's your favorite thing to do for fun?

My favorite things to do are making art, jewelry, hiking, swimming, cooking, dancing, being with friends, yoga, watching films and listening to music. I am always in my head during work, so any way I can let loose and release by enjoying simple, good fun is vital for my well-being.

Q: Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your work and life. Where can we follow you and your art and when will you offer your readings?

You can follow my Instagram: @marygrisey and my website: .
I give readings at House of Intuition 5 days a week. Please call the shop to find out when I’m working to schedule your appointment!

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