16 Unique Ways To Be A Healer

Art title: Celtic Healer by Sue Reed.

Being a healer sounds like a lot of fun and it is, let me tell you, the most rewarding work I have ever encountered. Yet the road to becoming a healer is not clear cut. Certain things may call to you or pique your interest and you don't have to stick to just one. I've included links so that you don't have to go digging for training as well. HOI has many educational programs in person and online and for the things we don't offer, I have some favorites and people I have followed throughout the years that I can vouch for. At the end of the day, the world needs more healers and there are plenty of people that need healing. The demand is there and these trainings usually don't take long. The reiki training for instance takes one day! Here are 16 unique ways you can be a healer...let the journey begin...

1. Get An Astrologer Certification - Astrologers are actually hired by corporations when they have to make big hires to see if the person has the personality for the role. Astrology takes a lifetime to learn but there will always be people interested in the knowledge you have to offer. People can understand themselves better and learn how to to get along with different types of people. Alison Chester Lambert (resident astrologer for the BBC) has courses I highly recommend. Alison is a world class astrologer with a masters in astrology and cosmology. Mark Borax has a remote certification program you may want to look into! Mark has many books published about astrology as well as his time in a mystery school in the Santa Cruz mountains. To learn more about astrology and see if it interests you, check out some of our books on astrology in our libraries or view our online classes about astrology.

2. Make Healing Crystal Jewelry - Crystals are the earth's gifts to us. How do we know they help us? It has been found that sensitive individuals in remote cultures with no connection to each other, reported the same healing properties of the same stones. Crystals are revered cross-culturally. House of Intuition has an incredible in person and online collection of crystals you can gather to begin your healing artistry. Naha also offers a yearly certification that will allow to work with the crystals on a much more intimate level. All our classes can be found on www.meetup.com/templeofintuition and we have a lot of information about crystals you can start learning now on HOI.TV. Don't forget to check out our books in the libraries. 

3. Offer Card Readings - House of Intuition has incredible in person and online classes to help you learn how to give a truly helpful card reading. We have a wide variety of decks at our stores which come with instructions so you can get practicing right away. There are oracle cards which include decks like angel cards and animal cards. You may also like a Tarot card deck which is based on archetypes. 

4. Get Reiki Certified - Reiki does not drain your energy. It runs through you and actually energizes you. There are different levels that you can continue to learn as time passes and you get used to it. Reiki is now being used in hospitals to speed up recovery times and is also being offered to animals (there are specific ways to treat animals with reiki). Aimee offers regular reiki certifications at our Echo Park location and you can learn about it through her classes on HOI.TV. She also offers reiki circles some Monday evenings. The next Reiki Level 1 & 2 attunement will be Sunday, August 13th at 10am and the fee is $150. You can click here to RSVP.

5. Teach Yoga & Meditation - There are many lineages of yoga and meditation that you can study. Believe it or not, there are 22 main types of yoga here in the West. Core Power Yoga has a night and weekend program for those who work a full time job and they offer payment plans for those who can't afford to drop a few thousand dollars up front. They have a focus on vinyasa yoga and combine hot yoga as well. If you're looking for a spiritual type of training check out this kundalini yoga teacher training which is very esoteric and meditation focused. This teacher training will also work with your budget. You may also want to check out an immersion program to finish in a month or a more relaxed type of yoga like yin or restorative.

6. Be A Plant Based Chef - Yum! Many people like to work with their hands and we need people who understand nutrition, herbs and gut health. Obviously there is a huge need for this and some of the schools I recommend are the Santa Monica based raw food school by Matthew Kenney or study the science of healing with food at The Deepak Chopra center Ayurvedic Instructor Course. If you want to learn more about nutrition or raw food before taking the leap check out this raw food retreat

7. Become a Numerologist - Numerology is the study of numbers, dates and synchronicity that essentially makes up the fabric of the matrix. No big deal right? Well if you've ever had your astrology chart read and saw how accurate that system is, numerology can be just as accurate. You can look up your life path number and some of your close friends' and families' to see how accurate it is! Our very own Teri, at House of Intuition offers classes on numerology (there is a class tomorrow July 29th at 1pm). For a full numerology reading, contact either Kelsey Stevens or Remington Donovan who can advise on training.

8. Open a Retreat - Just think, you could find a cheap piece of land, construct a yurt for $1,000 and voila! You have a retreat. Sometimes we think we have to start with something grandiose but just as House of Intuition started very humbly, so can you. For inspiration check out this down to earth, no bells and whistles retreat in Jamaica. If you're business minded and like to be your own boss, this may be a great path for you. Also speak to retreat owners to get advice. There are various models like this eco hostel in Indiana or this women's lodge in Washington. Some retreats recruit volunteers in exchange for room and board.

9. Be A Massage Therapist - Southern California has a wonderful massage program called Healing Hands which has some financial aid options available. Burke Williams also offers a paid training program in exchange for an 18 month work commitment after certification. There are many types of massage such as prenatal, lymphatic and thai massage that are extremely healing. Many people choose to combine reiki, essential oils and crystals into their massage healing as well. 

10. Become a Medium - In the US, a medium refers to someone who is able to connect to deceased loved ones. The UK is renown for mediums that are evidential which means they get names and specific facts about a person that no one could know such as what they did for a living. Possibly the most accurate and internationally renown evidential medium is Gordon Smith. If you feel called to study with him, it's very highly recommended! HOI is blessed to have a gifted medium, Afimaye who offers mediumship at our Echo Park location. 

11. Study Shamanism - Come to House of Intuition and study with our very own shaman, Nabeel! He has ongoing courses throughout the year and has extensive wisdom to share. Your journey may take you to other countries but you can start with books and videos to scratch the surface. We have incredible medicine cards in our store as well as many of the tools you can use as a shaman like instruments, candles, oils, sage, crystals and altar items. Some shamanism includes drumming and guided meditation while others include sweat lodges and practices specific to each culture. Just as there are many lineages of yoga, nearly every culture has it's own healing practices passed from one medicine man or woman to the next. 

12. Study Herbalism - There are two schools I've heard raving reviews about. The first is in Northern California (The California School of Herbal Studies) and the other is a naturopathic university called Bastyr which has a California and Washington campus. They have a variety of innovative degree programs. There are many different smaller schools and you can search for some in your local area as well as reviews. 

13. Clairvoyant Work - This one I think people tend to shy away from because it requires so much processing of our own shadow and constant work on ourselves. Even if you do not plan to do this professionally, studying the intuition and how to be more clairvoyant can help you in all other paths of healing work. Naha offers an extended intuition development course at House of Intuition and we carry one of my favorite books on the subject called The Psychic Pathway. There are many different clairs and they take time and practice to develop. Sometimes you'll see in your third eye, feel things in your chakras, hear in your mind or know in your gut. This work requires daily meditation and the guidance of a skilled clairvoyant to be able to fine tune but we all have intuition and can hone this skill. 

14. Aromatherapy - Plant essences can actually be applied topically and infuse directly into the bloodstream because of their organic cellular structures. This is the original medicine. Many people enjoy working for Young Living or DoTerra as brand ambassadors and do this as a part of their healing work. HOI has a 100% organic line of essential oils that are my absolute favorite and extremely well priced! This can help with many chronic and acute conditions that people have. I have heard incredible stories of the healing power of pure therapeutic grade oils that are not diluted with a base. Many people pair this with their reiki.

15. Sound Healing - Have you been to one of our sound healing events on Tuesdays with Dominic? Sound has a profound effect on the nervous system and muscular system. It can move emotions and restore our energy. There are so many instruments to explore and many people start with a gong, crystal bowls, bells, a harmonium and rain sticks. If you have an affinity for sound, this is a growing field and studies continue to be released showing how healing this truly is. We have some incredible instruments you can begin your work with at our stores. I get my gongs from www.gongsunlimited.com. 

16. Past Life Regression Therapist - Aimee, at House of Intuition offers past life regression sessions. She can attest to her training with the renown Brian Weiss. His book Many Lives, Many Masters has been an acclaimed best seller along with many of his other books. Reincarnation is a fascinating subject matter that can offer deeply profound healing. 

If you know someone who wants to be a healer or would be a great healer, thank you for sharing this article with them. With Love, ~House of Intuition


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