Secret Truths Revealed On A Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius

Did you know that each full moon affects each person slightly differently? This is based on 2 main things. First, you'll need to know what sign the full moon is in. In this case, it's in Aquarius. Next you'll need to know which house that sign falls in for your chart. Then, check out this awesome article about Full Moon in The Houses to see how each full moon will affect you specifically! This can really help you navigate monthly emotional tides and help you keep a grasp on reality. Knowing what to expect will also help you manage expectations or know when it's a good time to focus on certain areas of your life. 

A full moon makes the public act silly but the good news is that it also brings things and lets things move forward we've been working on to manifest! People sometimes drink heavily or if you're a girl, you know this is when guys start feeling confident and they all ask you out at the same time. For the ER, it's baby birthing time. We know the old saying, don't go out to a bar on a full moon because everyone gets in fights, but what does a full moon eclipse mean? The first word that comes to mind is change. I've already seen it coming into effect with so many people moving to new homes, states and countries. I haven't actually seen this much change in a long time! Here is what you can expect. It's good to know this is happening to everyone so you don't think that something strange is happening just to you.

It's going to be important to know that your analytical brain is working overtime which could mean that your intuitive side, the one that helps you listen to your body and slow down to take care of it, may need extra attention so you don't get sick! You may be full of energy and so driven, that you forget to eat, sleep and nurture yourself, so yeah don't do that. Avoid the urge to succeed and make it big at the cost of being greedy or corrupt. Next, this moon will reveal childhood patterns that need to be let go. The great reveal is coming so prepare yourself to eat some humble pie and finally release an old behavioral pattern that doesn't serve you. 

Let's talk about love. This eclipse will hand you a relationship wrench, hammer and drill so you can fix imbalances where you're either being too needy or controlling or where you could give more and be more understanding. It's almost like getting a fresh start by being able to objectively see what's working and what's not (regarding the way we actin in relationships) from a bird's eye view. This can be extremely helpful and refreshing for relationships that feel like they are carrying baggage. We can see new relationships flourish now as well! 

Because all full moons can make us edgy, please take extra time to cool your jets. Don't tell at your moon and don't be ruthless or you won't enjoy the energy that is available to iron out some things in your own life that will help you. Whether you're relationship tinkering, find someone new and let love blossom or super focused on work, don't take yourself too seriously. Find ways to relax and avoid playing aggressive music around this time but choose calming uplifting music that will balance out the potential energetic pitfalls. Remember the story of Achilles. He was a great warrior but his pride was his downfall. Don't let your pride ruin your opportunity to be a humble spiritual warrior. 

If you want to work with the moon cycles and use them to manifest, you must check out our Moon Box which comes complete with a new and full moon ritual, candles and other items you need to set your intention. It will help you get to know (and remember) to use the moons to make you're life better and easier! It's a lot of fun and it actually works remarkably well! We also have astrology classes on HOI.TV to help you learn about each sign.

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