Top Funky New Age Authors You Must Read

Meet the next generation of thought leaders who are down to earth and fun! We wanted to give you some fresh writers who are young and edgy that have awesome spiritual insights and tips to share with you! These books will entertain, help you heal and get you into a higher vibration. These writers are bold and carving out the new spiritual landscape of our generation. We always recommend having some soul food (a good new age book) next to your bed to keep you positive and promote self development and reflection. Here are some authors you should totally check out, bring to book club or gift to a friend! 

1. JP Spears - This guy is hilarious! He broke the mold in spiritual writing by making fun of all of us. We love his satire and he helps us remember not to take ourselves too seriously. His book How To Be Ultra Spiritual is for those who need or have a good sense of wit and sarcasm but also want to be a nice human. He's actually very well versed in spirituality and psychology and his viral satire YouTube videos are a must watch! 

2. Preston Smiles Author of Love Louder and co-author of Now or Never is a positive living expert and New York Times best selling author. He is all about freedom, love and happiness. He speaks about how life is responding to your frequency. He talks about love being the most transformative power and how we need to be proactive with our love. This globe trotting author is sure to put you in a good mood and give you tools to stay there. 

3. Gabrielle Bernstein Author of Spiritual Junkie, The Universe Has Your Back, May Cause Miracles, Miracles Now and Adding More ~ing To Your Life she has lots to offer you! She's a firework show of positive energy and since she teaches happiness for a living, she knows a thing or two about it. Check out this hip woman's words and share them with your buds!

4. Kris Carr This lovely lady writes about one of my favorite things, food. She has a collection of Crazy Sexy books about eating for cancer, juicing and more! From cleanses to nut-milks to plant based living, you can up your health and vibe with her wisdom and passion for health and well being! Food is one of the most important parts of our spiritual practice and often over looked! 

5. Marie Forleo This women fuses spirituality and business and in her sassy book titled Make Every Man Want You she teaches you how to reach your full potential. Her book is empowering and designed to help you create a life you love. Her motto is "The world needs that special gift that only you have."

6. Danielle Laporte - This author's holistic life is green juice, pop culture, loud rock n roll and eastern mysticism. Her awesome books on self love include White Hot Truth which is an often funny account of keeping it real on the spiritual path and not being self critical. She says, "devote to your joy and let that be your offering to the world."

7. Alexi Panos Author of 50 Ways To Yay and co-author of Now or Never: Your Epic Life In 5 Steps, she is a great positive living mentor! She is a transformational thought leader and a conscious content creator who will help you learn to think differently. She helps people "step into their own personal greatness, share the love that they are and shine."

8. Mark Manson This edgy writer penned The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck. Finally a writer who speaks our language! He uses humor to address helpful psychological techniques and pitfalls. His approach is not to avoid problems but to engage and improve upon them.

9. Daniel Eisenman Author of Breaking Normal known as The Freedom Catalyst has a simple motto, "life is a dream, wake up!" He is all about building a strong international tribe and helping you elevate yourself. If you feel stuck in a routine way of living and thinking, this is the book for you! 

10. Ralph Smart Known as Infinite Waters on YouTube, Ralph Smart's book Feel Alive helps you be the best possible version of yourself. He dives into how your mind and your thoughts alter the world you experience. He's a psychologist and life coach and spiritual mentor to many!  


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