Top 15 Reasons To Be A Healer

Have you been considering a life change or a studying the healing arts on the side? We are here to support you on your journey and help you step through that door. We have in person classes, online classes, books, cards and meditation tools to help you launch and stay connected. We have been through the process of coming out of the metaphysical closet and know that there can be some initial self doubt about if it will lead you to happiness. If you are starting to really take the idea seriously and can't get enough of metaphysics, here's an inside look at the many wonderful blessings you can encounter in a life as a healer. Maybe you are a healer and feeling discouraged or wondering if you should 'give up' and go back to something that doesn't light your soul on fire. It's ok to have these questions and often, taking a look at the bright side is all we need to fuel our fire and see possibilities that perhaps we would have overlooked before. After all, our vibration is, as a healer the most important part of our service to others. People may not understand when you explain an astrological transit but if you've cracked the happiness code, you'll share something beyond words with them and also beyond monetary value. Here are some inspiring things you may experience as a healer!

1. Constant Growth - You get to heal your own stuff and be in a constant state of learning from those who have come before you and are willing to pass on their wisdom. Healing is a life long process that empowers us to increase our levels of happiness. Studying the healing arts helps your emotional maturity so that you can heal relationships and thought patterns. 

2. Stronger Intuition - What if your connection helped you save time, money and stay safe? Your heightened intuition will speak to you throughout the day and in your dreams and it's endlessly helpful. It's also very fun! You will have an easier time knowing what someone's intentions are and why they are acting a certain way so you don't take things personal. 

3. Meaningful Relationships - The depth of your relationships will never stay on the surface again after you commit to the path of your soul. Imagine being able to share your feelings with coworkers and by the nature of your work, the type of people you will attract will shift. The world is a mirror of the energy we project. 

4. Healthy Work Environments - You're much more likely to work with people who live a healthy lifestyle and actively work to own their own emotions as well as keep a positive attitude. If you're a sensitive person, you're picking up on the energy of those you work with and working with people who are taking care of their emotional health is a gift worth more than any high salary!

5. Ability to Help Others - We are hardwired to nurture and and we feel good when we are able to help someone. It's in our nature to care for others and working as a healer is a great way to not focus on yourself and stay happy by doing what is in our instincts. If you've dreamed of fulfilling work, here it is! 

6. Never A Boring Day - This work will always surprise you and because the planets are always moving, so are the energies we work with. Each monthly cycle will bring changes for other people's lives that they need assistance with in different ways. We will always have something to do, something to learn and many synchronicistic blessings as a healer! This work allows us to perceive all things as a part of our journey so no setback is without meaning and blessing. The gratefulness that comes with this field is immense and the silver linings are easier to find. 

7. Support From Spirit - As you change your vibration, you have an ability to help people on a level that many people cannot. Your services are direly needed for those with stressful lives. You will find many blessings that show up in miraculous ways as you dedicate to your path and commit to your personally positive mental and physical state. You will have a connection to your guides that provides support that you can call on. This is hard for people to believe but it's true.

8. Happiness That Comes From Within - As a healer, your job is kind of to turn reality inside out. People come to you because often they are upset about their environment and yet you help them remove the layers of illusions in their mind that keep them in a state of suffering. You remind them to love others to find their joy and in doing so, you constantly stay reminded of your own source of happiness. 

9. Daily Reminders of Our True Nature - Many people struggle with feeling isolated and don't feel as though they have the support of the saints, sages, masters and angels. Being a healer puts your mind in the big picture so you remember this journey of life is only a part of your journey and helps you not sweat the small stuff. It also helps us keep our vibe up to attract positive things, since we are constantly reminded we are energy!

10. Motivation To Do Your Meditation - If you have trouble committing to a deep meditation practice, you'll be able to find the motivation when you're a healer. It makes your job so much easier! The stronger your connection, the more helpful information you'll receive for your clients. You will also have more business when you're dedicated to your meditation, it just works that way! 

11. Connection To Ancestors - There are many spiritual masters waiting on the other side to help you heal others. Much of your work as a healer is just being a translator and that is something that gets easier with practice. Immerse yourself in the training and learning and it will start to feel more natural to just empty out and ask for the highest purest guides to come through. 

12. Increased Health - Often your guides will give you instructions on how to take care of yourself so that you are a more fine tuned receptor of energy. Your learning process will include many ancient practices like yoga and Ayurveda that first work to fix the machine that holds your spirit! 

13. A Part of A Growing Field - This industry is blowing up and there are so many companies popping up around the subjects of healing. The demand is there too. If you follow the guidance of your soul, you will fill a need somewhere. 

14. Increased Creativity - When you work with energy, you know how to increase it and how to open your third eye. Imagine having ideas just flow to you that provide solutions to areas in your life that previously felt stagnant or blocked? Also tapping into your guides can help you with information that's from a higher source. The reason they call it healing arts is because you are able to catch ideas like all artists do. 

15. Limitless Potential - When you are able to understand and study how to manifest, you realize that you can create the life you want. You are the director and writer of your life and being in an environment that fosters independent thinking will help take the lid off of your life. You will also be able to be around and study manifesting techniques that actually work so where you may have felt powerless before, you now have resources and tools to shift your reality. 


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