10 Unique Healers and Shamans You Must Know

Stories about miraculous healings and predictions are common in spiritual circles and there are people today who have supernatural abilities. House of Intuition has a group of rare souls who are tirelessly dedicated to the community and beyond. They have stepped into their higher calling, away from the safety of a normal job to work with magic and help people heal. If you hang out at HOI and take some of the classes, you'll meet people who keep returning for the spiritual guidance and healing of this team of unique individuals. If you are seeking guidance or feel unclear about certain decisions, one of these gifted people can help you. Whether you are healing from a breakup, trying to decide on getting a masters or just unsure how to feel happier, they can help. You can call in for a reading or even better come into the Echo Park location. Sometimes we forget that help is available and we struggle trying so hard to figure things out when an objective trained person can easily help you see. You can also experience their classes on HOI.TV for more inspiration and self development. Read about each persons unique gifts and see who you resonate with the most! Be sure to share this with anyone you know who is going through a hard time and could use support. 

AFIMAYE - As a third generation healer, he is always busy at the house! His connection to spirit is rare and he is a gifted medium able to connect to deceased loved ones. His future predictions are extremely accurate and he doesn't sugar coat what you need to hear. He also offers meditation class every other Tuesday. Follow him on IG @afimayegalarraga. 

AIMEE - With many years of experience teaching kundalini yoga, Aimee's Monday night classes are transformational and people love her bright energy. Aimee is a past life regression therapist, reiki master and offers attunements monthly for those looking to become reiki certified. She also offers private sessions and classes on HOI.TV. Follow her on IG @altaredspace

CHRISTINE - A tarot expert and teacher, Christine's tarot classes are now available on HOI.TV! She offers the special gift of dream interpretation having experienced precognitive dreams at a young age. Her readings leave you with clear practical actions and she offers reiki healings as well. Follow her on IG @receptive.tarot

KRISTIN - Kristin offers unique classes to help you connect to and understand angels. Her unique gift is her connection to the angelic realm and she offers card readings and reiki healings. Her sweet loving energy is a gift to experience! Follow her on IG @kmothersbaugh

MARY - A tarot reader and clairvoyant, Mary has a powerful voice and spirit. She is an artist and has been able to see apparitions from a young age. She is also the resident astrologer and offers astrology readings. Follow her on IG @marygrisey

NABEEL - Our resident shaman, Nabeel has studied this craft extensively. He also offers courses on shamanism and magic. He offers shamanic energy healing and tarot readings as well. Follow him in IG @nabeelsayshi 


NAHA - She leads a mystery lodge at the house on Saturdays called Arboretum Mysticum at 11am and many other classes including courses on crystals, intuition and tarot. She has classes on HOI.TV and is well known for her middle pillar healings.  Follow her on IG @naha99

OLIVER - Specializing in healing childhood trauma and intimacy anxiety, Oliver has had miraculous physical healings reported by his clients. He uses a unique B.E.S.T technique which reads your feet and involves muscle testing. He offers private sessions and his classes are available in person and on HOI.TV. Follow him on IG @oliver_bio_detective 

RACHEL - Rachel is intuitive and offers tarot readings at the house. She is a gifted artist in addition to a reader. She's extremely experienced and her advice is always practical and direct. Her nurturing pragmatic style is why she is booked far in advance. Follow her on IG @trueracheltrue 

TERI - A clairvoyant by nature, she offers information from your guides and higher self. She is also connected to ascended masters, goddesses and angles. She works with many different cards depending on which one calls to her as well. Follow her on IG @smithterianne

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