Top Holistic Recovery Remedies

This subject is close to all of us because no matter who we are, we will have things we need to recover from. This can be loss, addiction, break ups or other trauma like abuse. These holistic remedies can be paired with professional help to soothe your emotions and speed up recovery time. These therapies can give you strength and help you get to the root cause of underlying issues that may not be easy to spot. Don't feel you have to go through your recovery alone. I also have a class about Healing Your Heart on HOI.TV with more holistic remedies. House of Intuition was founded as a spiritual detox center which means we are 100% dedicated to recovery. Many of our in person classes can aid you in resolving emotional trauma and our healing sessions can as well. 

Yoga - Yoga produces the happy chemicals that you may have been getting in a relationship. If you're feeling down, you'll feel much better after a class. This helps unblock stuck energy and clear your emotional body. Yoga is one of the most ancient healing therapies and overtime the benefits continue to make you feel better and better. We have yoga Monday nights with Aimee and basic yoga series on HOI.TV. 

Meditation - Meditation trains you to notice your thoughts and choose positive ones. This can help you get to the root of self sabotaging decisions and heal resentments. Having a daily meditation practice seems so simply and truly may be one of the most healing things you can do for yourself. In our busy lives, kundalini yoga meditations are quick and effective. Aimee has 3 minute healing kundalini yoga meditations available on HOI.TV as well as other meditations! We also offer meditation with Afimaye in person every other Tuesday at 7pm. 

Massage & Essential Oils - Another ancient healing technique is massage. Allowing someone to help calm your nerves and remove tension from your physical body takes care of your mind body and spirit. You can pick up some of our essential oils that are organic and pure to aid in relaxing. Essential oils that are pure grade are the best to aid in healing holistically as the skin is porous and all chemicals put on the skin enter the digestive tract. Plants are combined with massage because they have healing properties as well. 

Spiritual Counselling - This cannot be highlighted enough and can be one of the most important parts of a recovery. We often need the guidance from someone connected to the subtle energy field to see what experiences and emotions need to be released. HOI offers in person and over the phone readings that can help you heal and get a better perspective on your recovery. They can help you recognize how to avoid bad decision making, learn to find acceptance and help you connect to your inner wisdom that knows how to heal yourself. Self love and self acceptance can also be found through working with a spiritual counselor regularly. Sometimes we are so used to being in recovery mode that we don't realize, life can be easier and we don't need to struggle so much. Allow someone to help you see what you may be used to carrying around as unnecessary burdens. 

Breath Work Most ancient healing modalities, whether it's one of the twenty main branches of yoga, tai chi or qi gong, involve breathing. Our breath is always available to help us bring prana into our bodies and clear our energy field but few get the opportunity to learn this. Just three minutes of breath of fire or slow deep breathing can calm anxiety and get you feeling positive. More advanced pranayama as it is called, can be practiced for different effects. Here is a 3 minute addiction meditation that people have had incredible results with. 

Sound Healing - Music and sound vibration help to clear our energy field of stuck emotions as well as calm the nervous system. We sometimes have to recover from a busy lifestyle and that's why we sell healing instruments like sound bowls and offer weekly sound healing on Tuesdays with Dominic. You can also check out his sound baths remotely on our app through HOI.TV. Calming music and uplifting music does have a real effect so use this tool to shift your vibe.

Nutrient Dense Food - Getting hydrated and eating alkalizing raw nutrient dense foods can help harmonize the systems of your body that need to function well in order to recover. The emotions interact with our digestion and detoxing plants with nutrients are KEY to your recovery from anything. Salads, juices, smoothies, cleanses and herbs are all a great avenue to develop a healthy healed lifestyle. Take small steps instead of being extreme so you don't shock your system and make sure you get enough healthy fats if you shift your diet because our brain needs fats like avocado, oils and nuts to function. 

Reiki - Reiki is another incredible healing remedy that helps move stuck energy and remove negative emotions that get stuck in your field. Reiki is now being used in hospitals to increase recovery speed and it can help with emotional and physical recovery. The person who offers reiki isn't giving you their own energy but is trained to allow energy to pass through their chakra system to you through their hands. I doubted this unseen healing until I experienced it and started offering it. You may be shocked to find the physical sensations that are felt and the change in how you feel right away. Our healers offer reiki 7 days a week and you can learn more about it on HOI.TV. 

Call On Guides - Last but not least, whether you are an aethist or not, you can ask for help. What do you have to lose? There are are many new discoveries about the nature of the universe and the different dimensions that may exist. Many people have experienced healers like Afimaye who is able to know the names of your deceased loved ones and can know what has happened or will happen with his clairvoyance. If you haven't yet experienced the spiritual realm and have a skepticism, please come see him. If you are recovery and not asking for help, there is so much more available to you from the other side, all you have to do is ask. 

Hopefully you found this helpful and it continues to be so. If you know of someone who could benefit from this, please share it with them. With Love, ~House of Intuition


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