Asteroid Pallas Enters Scorpio: Solve a Mystery

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Mantra: “I am wisdom personified; I harness my strategic skills to get to the heart of the matter.” 

Get excited—because the astrology of the season is only getting more interesting! After the renewal of lunar energy that took place on Monday in the sign of Scorpio, this sign’s incisive and fascinating energy gets taken up a nudge. On Sunday, November 19th, asteroid Pallas Athene enters Scorpio, where it will stay until February 5, 2024! 

In astrology, Pallas is known as the Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy. While her archetype is mainly described through feminine concepts, it successfully blends what very few archetypes do. Pallas carries the rivalry-driven masculine skill of strategy, while never leaving behind the feminine gift of intuition. Within our birth chart, Pallas represents how we solve problems, as well as how we deal with conflict when it arises. However, it also speaks of our creative side, as she is also the Goddess of the Arts and Crafts. Asteroid Pallas is the medicine that the world needs so much during these times, as it is gender-bending, uniting divine masculine with divine feminine principles. 

During the two and a half months this powerful asteroid graces the skies of Scorpio, we are being given an incisive type of intelligence to get to the heart of a matter. Resolving a mystery or a troubling question or situation will require us to harness our inner Pallas, to come up with an answer or a solution. Pallas in Scorpio is fearless, and it will help us to notice every single detail, as it has an X-ray type of vision we can all make use of, regardless of our sign. 

If you know your Rising sign, below is the area of life in which you’re bound to feel and harness this asteroid-zodiac sign combination. Asteroid Pallas in Scorpio will help you solve a mystery regarding…

Aries Rising: healing sex, intimacy, transformation, other people’s money.

Taurus Rising: relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners.

Gemini Rising: work, wellness, pets, life processes.

Cancer Rising: children, fun, play, creativity.

Leo Rising: home, family, roots, foundations.

Virgo Rising: speech, communication, siblings, transportation.

Libra Rising: money, resources, budget, personal values.

Scorpio Rising: identity, self-image, the body, approach to life.

Sagittarius Rising: spirituality, healing, secrets, the subconscious mind.

Capricorn Rising: community, friendships, networking, hopes & dreams.

Aquarius Rising: career, reputation, visibility, life purpose.

Pisces Rising: travel, learning, spirituality, life philosophy.


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