Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 20 - Sun Enters Sagittarius: Finding Your Target

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Mantra: “When I have a clear target in mind, I always find my way towards success.” 

Open your arms and heart—because one of the most positive and exciting solar seasons of the year is here! On Wednesday, November 22nd at 6:03 a.m. Pacific Time, the Sun enters Sagittarius. Over the next four weeks, our solar system star will encourage us to expand, be optimistic, and see every situation from a more positive and big-picture perspective. 

Out of all the twelve seasons of the zodiac, Sagittarius season tends to be one of the most fun times of the entire year. End-of-year celebrations and world travel tend to happen now, as our hunger for enjoying life to the fullest and having exciting life experiences deepens now. We want to see and taste it all, and we want it now! 

However, this year and until 2025, Sagittarius season will feel quite different due to the presence of Saturn in Pisces. Instead of being able to sink into that easy-going feeling of expansion, we could feel like something is holding us back. A push-and-pull energy will be present, bringing a feeling similar to driving with the brakes on. 

On the flip side, this Sun-Saturn combination, which will be very active until December 3, can be extremely useful to take this sign’s expansive energy seriously. Here’s why! Sagittarius energy tends to be so fun and optimistic, that sometimes, it makes us run around in circles. Its effects range from saying yes to everything, to biting off more than we can chew, leaving us exhausted and without a defined plan or path. 

While it can feel cold and tough, Saturn’s energy can keep us grounded in reality. And if we use it right, it can be very helpful when mixing it with the influence of the Archer. To find success in life, we must be able to come up with good ideas and think big — but we also need to stay realistic. So, if during the first days of Sagittarius season, you feel frustrated due to obstacles showing up along your way, focus on having a clear target and sticking to your plan to attain it. Don’t give up, as this is a test of your character, and the more you show strength in the face of adversity, the more rewards you will experience once the end of this season arrives, around mid-November.


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