Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 13 - Free Your Heart from the Past with This New Moon Ritual

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Prepare for an intense week! Eclipse season is completely over—however, we have some alignments that will require a great deal of presence and awareness. On Monday, November 13th at 1.27 a.m. Pacific Time, we welcome this month’s New Moon, as the luminaries kiss in the Sign of Scorpio. Intense and magnetic, Scorpio casts a spell over us, asking us to get real about the emotions that lurk below the surface. 

This unearthing of feelings and truths is now necessary, so that this zodiac sign’s spirit can assist us by doing what it does best… sacredly transmuting shadow into light! As we swim in these deep waters of transformation, we are being given the opportunity to turn anger into love. But to get there, we must first illuminate and process the shadow. If you, like many of us, have been transforming in the past few months, we now invite you to process this full spectrum of emotions, so you can then begin anew, and like the Scorpionic Phoenix, rise from the ashes! 

The Ritual

You will need incense, a red candle, a mellow playlist that inspires reflection, and another playlist for dancing. 

Begin by clearing your space with the sage, invoking the spirits, angels, and watchers of the four directions—East, South, West, and North. With their approval, set the intention to positively process any negative thinking or challenging events that have transpired for you in the past few months.  

Next, turn the red candle on and say the following mantra three times: “I invite the Fire element from Earth to ignite the Fire within me.” Turn your reflection playlist on and begin connecting with the feelings (related to a person or situation) that have prevented you from reaching complete happiness. Relive any sadness or intense moment, in full awareness that you might never feel it this way again! 

Once you feel fired up, turn your dancing playlist on and begin moving your body as intensely as you can, reaching a state of catharsis. With your hands, squeeze these feelings and sensations away from your body and offer them to the flame in the candle while saying: “Fire, I offer you these feelings and sensations, as there is no longer space in my mind, body, and heart for them.” Do this for as long as you can and it feels right. Once you’re done, end the ritual by cleaning your entire body with sage and turning the candle off. 


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