Weekly Astrology Forecast I November 6 - Create by Embracing the Big Picture

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Mantra: “The two sides of my brain function in harmony and in perfect synchronicity.”

After the intensity of eclipse season that shook our lives in October, November kicks off with the opportunity to begin anew! The two planets that lay between the Sun and Earth, Mercury and Venus, will align in the sky, starting this week until the end of November. United by a positive astrological aspect called a sextile, the Planet of Communication and the Planet of Pleasure will be traveling in the sky, awakening one another’s most magical sides. 

The results for us earthlings are expected to not only be restorative at a psychological level, we can expect an influx of celestial help in the form of social connection as well as new ideas. Since this is a juicy connection that only occurs twice a year, we must explore all the ways in which we can harness its power. Below is how! 

Venus in Libra & Mercury in Sagittarius

Venus in Libra: From November 8th to December 3rd, the Goddess of Love, will be in the zodiac sign that rules relationships. So, it’s only natural that all types of connections — romantic, business, and friendships — will come to the fore at this time. Seeking harmony and balance with other people will be key now, especially starting November 26th. 

Mercury in Sagittarius: From November 10th to November 30th, the Cosmic Messenger will travel the skies of Sagittarius. Known for its bold and larger-than-life demeanor, the Sign of the Archer invites us to be daring! During these twenty days, try leaving the details for later, and instead, focus on adopting an optimistic and big-picture attitude. 

Mercury Sextile Venus Effects

Below are all the possible effects of this cooperation:

  • Deepening your social networks. 
  • Having access to mentors who can expand your mind. 
  • Coming up with new and fresh ideas for any type of creative process. 
  • Finding the perfect balance between introversion and extroversion. 
  • Receiving money that can be allocated for either study, exploration, or far-away travel. 
  • Hearing a “yes” when asking for the favor of a mentor or powerful person in your industry. 
  • Harnessing diplomacy to resolve conflict or break down any barriers that impede your progress. 
  • Experiencing ease in social interactions as well as having opportunities to mingle with friends. 
  • Finding the perfect balance between high-energy mental activity and idle time to relax and enjoy life. 


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