Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 30 - A Journaling Ritual to Communicate with the Other Side

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Do you feel the thinning of the veil? Scorpio season, which began on October 23rd and ends on November 21st, reaches its climax as we approach Halloween, Sahmain, and Dia de Muertos. When astrologers refer to Scorpio as being the “zodiac sign of death and rebirth,” they refer to this sign’s ability to travel to the non-tangible side, the mystical world of spirits. While the entirety of Scorpio season is a powerful time of the year to connect with the unseen (our spirits, guides, angels, and ancestors), the days between October 31st and November 2nd are especially powerful. If you are ready to be guided, the following journaling ritual is for you!

The Ritual

You will need a pen, a notebook, a piece of Selenite crystal, and your favorite cleansing herb. It also helps to sit down for a few minutes prior to the ritual to figure out what you truly want to ask. Our connection with the other side is sacred, so we should enter this space with full profound respect. 

Begin by cleansing your space with your herb, especially the corners of the room you’re in. Next, sit down to meditate and connect your lower chakras with the center of the Earth, and then your upper chakras to the universe. Vibrational music is not necessary but could be a huge boost during this step. 

Once you feel connected to your source, repeat the following prayer: 

“I request permission to enter the archives of universal wisdom, 

guided and protected only by the highest manifestation of pure love.

I request to be connected with my angels, ancestors, and guides, 

so I can download the information that they want to share with me now.” 

Next, take note of everything, absolutely everything that comes to your mind now in the form of colors, shapes, words, and visuals. Once you have written all this down, proceed to ask your question and write in free form, allowing yourself to capture the messages without trying to decode them. Take as long as it feels comfortable — you will know when it is time to stop.

Once you are finished, close the ritual by repeating the following phrase: “I am grateful for the guidance, messages, and healing I received. This ritual is now closed. Thank you.” Over the next few days, read what you wrote and see if new insights are delivered via the images, shapes, words, and colors. 


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