October Blog #2: A Beautifying Ritual for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

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Feel the power of the universe, arriving to remind you of how beautiful you are inside and outside! The last Eclipse of the year is here and is arriving with some sweet, loving vibes. Just on Monday, the Sun entered Scorpio and on Saturday, October 28th at 1:24 p.m. Pacific Time, the Moon will sit across the Sun to form a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. 

Happening in Taurus and in a part of the sky known to the ancient Egyptians as a carrier of Venusian energy, this Eclipse feels like a deep call to practice the most radical form of self-love. Intense in their own right, Eclipses always feel shaky — after all, they are the most potent astral manifestations of the entire year. Eclipses open and close doors, a lot of the time upgrading us on “what’s been happening behind the scenes.” 

The fact that this Eclipse carries so much Venusian energy means that even if we receive the news we were not expecting, in the end, the story leads to a happy ending. Big protection energy is being cast on us now, especially those who are carriers of the Divine Feminine Wisdom & Love. If you’re ready to love yourself intensely at this last Eclipse of 2023, the ritual below was crafted for you!

The Ritual

You will need 8-10 rose petals, water, a small pot, and a piece of Selenite. 

Begin by cleansing your space, rose petals, water, and each of your palms by passing the piece of Selenite all over them. This is a crystal that naturally cleanses itself and everything that it touches, so while you do it, imagine a sphere of bright white light eliminating any negative energy. 

Next, separate the petals and rinse them in cold water to remove any dust. Add the roses to a pot and cover them with a little bit of water. Allow the roses to simmer for about twenty to thirty minutes on medium to low heat, until the roses lose color. As the roses simmer, repeat the following mantra three times: “I love myself, I invite pleasure, harmony, and bliss into my life.” 

Once the roses have simmered, allow them to cool down and then strain them and keep the water in the fridge. Every morning, for the following week, spray yourself with this water by repeating your mantra and see how your day changes for the better! 


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