Weekly Astrology Forecast I October 23 - Sun enters Scorpio: It’s Time to Reawaken Your Inner Witch!

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Mantra: “I desire to live in full communion with the elements, the sky, and the cosmos.” 

That time of the year has arrived, that time to remember the magic that lives inside of you and that wants to come out! On Monday, October 23rd at 9:21 a.m., the Sun enters Scorpio, archetypally known as the Shaman and the Witch. As one of (if not the most) misunderstood of all zodiac signs, Scorpio energy is never taken lightly, as its job is “to transform.” For a transformation to take place, there must first be an ending and then its transmutation into something new. This process is never easy, but one that constantly takes place in our lives. 

Spoiler alert: Transformation will be the name of the game this Scorpio season. And yes, there will also be surprises. After all, we still have one more Eclipse to experience later this week (happening on October 28). However, it feels like in 2023, Scorpio season will have a much more positive tone than in the previous couple of years. The reason is that, over the next four weeks, the Scorpio Sun will be making positive connections with other planets, meaning that a lot of these astral forces will be on our side! 

To make the best of Scorpio season, regardless of your sign, follow the practical practices below: 

Adopt a no-BS attitude: You have already probably noticed that Scorpio energy doesn’t mess around. It is about showing yourself exactly as you are, with your highs and lows. Fearless and daring, Scorpio is also about getting to the root of the matter and calling it “as it is.” Do you dare?  

Allow yourself to be emotional and vulnerable: Few know that Scorpio is a water sign, meaning that this archetype brings a black-and-white energy, big highs and big lows because it feels intensely. If you suddenly find yourself comparing your experience to a roller coaster ride, you’re doing it right! This is the time of the year to allow yourself to feel it all!  

Open the door to guidance from the other side: Spirits and ancestors are closer than you think now, waiting in the sidelines to be invited in, while the veil is thin. If you’re ready to receive valuable messages, set this intention during powerful cosmic alignments, this year happening on November 4, November 8, November 13, November 17, and November 20.   



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