Selecting and Connecting To Your Crystals

In the wide world of crystals there are thousands upon thousands of variations, sizes, colors, densities, energies, physical and metaphysical properties that at times, when getting started can be a tad overwhelming. So to help alleviate this issue here are some tips on how to select and connect to your crystals. 
When selecting a crystal you should not look at the labels of the crystals first. This is because if you do, chances are you are going to get overwhelmed like "great I need one of everything" and then feel defeated trying to select a few. To avoid this confusion start by clearing your mind of what you think you need, set the intention that the crystal frequency that you need to work with will find you. 
To begin, close your eyes, and inhale through your nose to the count of four. While inhaling set the intention what you need for example a recent breakup. Then you would need a stone to help with compassion, forgiveness, universal love, letting go etc. Then hold the breath to the count of four, visualizing then exhale to the count of four, picturing the intention of the frequency that you are wanting to connect too, then open your eyes. As you open your eyes you will begin to feel a pull to that frequency, go where you feel pulled to go. Meaning if you feel you need to look at some crystals on the right go look on the right. Some of you might feel a pull towards a crystal with your hand, feeling a pull in a direction, and the closer you get when you see the crystal you know which one it is because you know its frequency drew you in. Then go ahead and read the description and you will be surprised to find what you need. 
Another method of connection is to completely clear your mind to have no expectations, and speak the following affirmation out loud or if you do not feel comfortable saying it out loud just speak the thoughts to yourself in your mind, "I am open to working with the crystals that I am called to heal with that are in harmony with my needs and budget." This affirmation will not only draw you towards a crystals energy that you need to work with, it will also draw you towards the ones that suit your budget! Here are some more Affirmation examples: 
  • I am open to the crystal frequency my higher self requires right now
  • I am grateful to attract the perfect crystal for me right now
  • I am calling to the Energies I need
  • I am releasing self harm and call upon a crystal to help me
  • I am stepping further into my light and self compassion 
  • I am calling to the crystal that is going to help me attune to my higher self
  • I know I am being called to work with a crystal for healing, and so it is
Additional techniques to selecting crystals besides the affirmations, hold out your left hand which is your receiving hand for the Divine Feminine side of the body. This side will guide you with nurturing and healing in mind. When you reach with your right hand it is to guide you towards the Divine Masculine and crystals that will help you to protect yourself, raise your boundaries and open up to new opportunities. Another indication is the crystal really hot or really cold when you touch it? That is another sign the energy is calling to you.
Now that we have gone over some crystal selecting techniques, let's discuss how to connect to your crystals as there are limitless ways to do this, so we will touch on a few methods of connection. When I am referring to "connection" I am referring to how you interact with the crystals and ways to feel their energies. A connection can be made in numerous ways, so let's start with some simple basics and build from there.
  1. The more you use, hold, or work with a stone/crystal the more its energies can be felt in your life.
  2. When you hold the crystal how does it make you feel? Imagine the crystals energies working through you, where do you feel any physical or energetically sensations? this will show you where it is working with you and your energies. Take notes of this experience because oftentimes a stone that we are not yet called to work with can almost feel like a repellent, this is not too common, so do not be alarmed if that happens, it just means that you are supposed to be working with a different stone at the moment.
  3. Hold the crystal and gaze into it, when you look at it, how does it feel? Do you feel any other thoughts forming in your mind or clarity? Do you have inspiration when you hold it? This too is wonderful to take notes on. When gazing at a crystal you can perform Scrying, a method of divination that will help you to see into the past, present and future. This technique is highly personalized as everyone is different. When gazing at a crystal for scrying, focus solely on the crystal, stare at it, focus only on it. Try to clear your mind. As you do this you will start to notice the the noises and sounds in the background start to fade- you will also notice that your surroundings start to fade as you focus on the crystal, this when the magic begins and you will begin to either feel a message, see it in  vision, hear it or just instinctively know. Again, the more you use this method, the faster the connection and message retrieval.
  4. Is a stone helping you? not sure if a crystal or stone is helping you? The easiest way is to experiment by not wearing it and take note of any changes. Chances are if you feel a lack from the stone it is most likely because your crystal is in need of some cleansing so that it can once again be in alignment  with you by being able to perform at its best capacity. Crystals work 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and as such even the self cleansing crystals still need a little bit of love to clear them out occasionally too. Routine maintenance is great. Keeping a piece of selenite, citrine or black kyanite with your crystals will help to keep them cleansed and charged. These three are great to keep with other crystals, as is Carnelian. ( All of these crystals and stones can be found at )
  5. Sleep with your crystal as it can retain and store knowledge not just energetic frequencies. Before you go to sleep look at the crystal and you can also invite in any Goddesses/Gods/Spirits/Angels/Energies/Ancestors/Entities that you work with.You can do this by praying over the piece and laying your hands on it. 
  6. Carry one in your pocket or bra throughout the day to feel its energy and presence
  7. Have one in your car console to radiate energy throughout your car- great stones for your car: Tigers Eye, Malachite, Smoky Quartz, Rose quartz, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, Black Agate, Red Jasper.
  8. Blessing your water by adding a crystal to it to imbibe the energy internally. Now with this being said a lot of crystals cannot go in your water bottles because they are either water soluble and will disintegrate or they can produce a gas when wet. Crystals to not use with your water: Selenite of all kinds, Petrified Wood even tumbled, Pyrite, Malachite, Cinnabite/Cinnabar, Danburite, Kyanite, Galena, Vanadinite, Argonite, Aragonite. Basically any crystal that ends in "ite" is a no go for water. Crystals great to use with water: Ocean Jasper, Amethyst, Carnelian, Shungite, Black Obsidian, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz and Ametrine. Always research a stone before you add it to your water bottle.
  9. Placing a crystal on your altar will supply you with that energy even if you aren't home. Its a great way to boost personal power and connection to your magic.
  10. Crystals placed around the home will amplify energy and the intent programmed into them. To program a crystal, cleanse it first (i.e.; smudging it, rainwater, salt, sound clearing or energy clearing)
  11. Keep a crystal either next to your bed or under your bed to boost high vibrational energies and connection.
  12. To select a crystal for the day go to your crystals, and close your eyes and as you reach in say: "The Energies I need today will find me." Then with your eyes closed select a crystal.
  13. Lay down and meditate with the crystals directly upon your body.
Remember, these are just a few methods of connecting to your crystals and stones. Like that old time proverb; "Practice makes perfect" that's exactly what is needed when working with Crystals, PRACTICE! The more you use them the more attuned you become to recognizing the different frequencies that they each provide.I recommend Reading: "The Crystal Bible" Volume 1 by Judy Hall, available at This book is a great resource for those who are looking to expand their knowledge on crystals.

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