The Healing Properties of Green Calcite

Green Calcite is such a wonderful often underutilized stone. It has so many healing properties and has many uses that you can incorporate in your practice or meditations. Right off the bat, anyone with a green thumb should know that Green Calcite makes a wonderful crystal to place in your garden! This is because the energies are very loving and nurturing, over time the crystal will dissolve into the plant and surrounding soil blessing it with its energies. It is a wonderful stone for succulents too. This stone is known for its cooling effect on the energetic body known as the etheric double, and on the physical body. This is because its loving nurturing energy increases energy in both of these bodies. Below are healing properties of Green Calcite. 
  • Helps you connect to your heart Chakra and the high heart center by helping you to work through emotional trauma stored in the heart, shoulders, chest, lungs, and lower neck.
  • boosts compassion
  • helps us to forgive ourselves and others
  • wonderful to use in times of transition or transformation as a reminder that love and compassion themselves are daily miracles
  • Helps us to open our hearts to remove the pride wound so that we may accept help from others and step deeper into self compassion
  • It helps to invite prosperity and loving energy into the home. This is a wonderful crystal to have next to the entrances of the home to allow in prosperity, wonderfully paired with Selenite for amplification as well. ( Both of these are available for purchase at )
  • Offers refreshing mental cleansing by helping to facilitate removing old thought and belief patterns that no longer serve your greatest and highest good
  • placing in a room helps to clear negative energy
  • strengthens the skeleton and joints
  • energizes the chakras
  • helps us to see the bigger picture and clear cognitive debris
  • helps to reduce stress and fear by looking at things from a point of view laced with self compassion and care so that we aren't too harsh and judgmental of the self. This helps us to see solutions rather than being too hard on ourselves and falling back into a state of self loathing.
  • wonderful stone to use for distance healing to facilitate energy healing.
  • incredible stone for preteens and teens as they go through puberty helping with self love and compassion, pairs wonderfully with Green Aventurine too
These properties are incredible, and to capitalize on these energies for yourself you can utilize it in the following ways:
  • meditate with a Green Calcite in nature it will pull in more earth energies for grounding
  • keep a Green Calcite in a houseplant in the major rooms in your home for loving prosperous energy
  • Green Calcite on a desk or workstation helps with transitional thinking and negative overthinking
  • placing a Green Calcite next to your bed draws in loving nurturing energies while you sleep.
  • keep one in your pocket.
  • hold one while listening to 432 hz music or binaural beats
I hope you can see the beauty and power in this often under utilized stone.

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