Weekly Astrology Forecast I August 14 - A New Moon Ritual to Alchemize Shame into Power

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By Narayana Montúfar 


It’s a New Moon, New You week! This month’s lunar rebirth is potent and occurs on Wednesday, August 16th at 2:38 a.m. Pacific Time, highlighting the themes Venus has brought us since it went retrograde on July 22. Out of all retrogrades, this is the most transformative, requiring us to change our approach to all relationships—especially the relationship we have with the hidden part of ourselves.

At this New Moon, the luminaries sit exactly between retrograde Venus and Black Moon Lilith, bringing the archetype of the Witch, the Seductress, the Dark Goddess, and the untamed Femme Fatale. In astrology, Lilith represents the parts of ourselves that for societal pre-conditioning, remained hidden or repressed due to feelings of guilt and shame. Activating taboo themes around sensuality, unbridled freedom, and sexual energy as creative potential, Lilith is a force of nature! If you are ready to unleash yours, the following ritual is for you:


The Ritual

You will need a red candle, matches, a piece of Opal, pen & paper, and old photographs of yourself. Begin by gathering your items and cleaning them with your favorite herb. Light your candle and with the piece of Opal in your hands, candle-gaze while setting the intentions of completely staying true to yourself during this ritual.

Once you feel connected to your spirit, take a trip down memory lane by looking at some old photos. Where were you at those specific times in your life? How did you feel back then? What were the themes present in your life? To channel your inner Lilith, your inner rebel, try arriving at three things that back then made you feel sad or ashamed. Even if you don’t feel the same way now, try remembering the challenging feelings that you once felt, as in order to chatter negative feelings, we must re-visit them.

Next, write them down on a piece of paper and throw them in the fire while slowly saying the following mantra: “I once buried this part of myself, but I no longer hide; at this New Moon, I turn my past shame into my new personal power.”

Lastly, re-write each one of those stories in your paper by expressing how proud you feel of yourself and each one of those three things. Keep the paper nearby to remind yourself of the love that resides in always showing yourself as you truly are!



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