Weekly Astrology Forecast I August 7 – Cross the Lion’s Gate Portal 8:8:2023

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Mantra: “As I walk through the Lion’s Galactic Gate Portal, I remember the ancient teachings of my divine family and spirit guides.”

This week, we have arrived at one of the most magical expressions of the intersection between astrology, numerology, and cosmology. On Tuesday, August 8, the Lion’s Gate Portal opens, which is an occurrence that only happens once a year!

The Lion’s Gate Portal takes its name from the astrological fact that this date always occurs during the time the Sun travels exactly in the middle of the skies of Leo. Since this is one of the most powerful places of the entire firmament for our Sun to be, solar energy and power are at their highest expression. Themes of pride, creativity, vitality, and leadership abound now and become accessible for us all, regardless of our sign.

The Lion’s Gate Portal always takes place on 8/8, as it takes root and doubles down in the meaning of this number. In numerology, 8 is the number of infinity and relates to prosperity, dedication, and strength. When the number 8 gets doubled down, we get an Angel Number that has deeply positive and magical connotations.

Now let’s move to perhaps the most fascinating part of this portal, its connection to cosmology! What truly activates Lion’s Gate Portal is the rising of the star Sirius, the brightest of all stars from our perspective here on Earth! Sirius carries advanced wisdom and is known to be of incredible importance to many cultures, like ancient Egypt and the Dogon tribe in the West African country, Mali. Sirius is known to be “the spiritual Sun of our Sun” and the star from which, according to our ancestors, most of the spiritual knowledge humans have came from. Astronomically speaking, Sirius is connected to our very own Sun by their entangled orbits. They are sister stars, constantly getting closer together and apart because of their shared gravitational motion.


Magical Tools and Ways to Honor the Lion’s Gate Portal

  • Meditate with a picture of the fixed star Sirius.
  • Get creative! Leo energy loves birthing beautiful things.
  • Do a walking meditation following the shape of the number 8.
  • Introduce the color gold into your rituals, as it relates to the zodiac sign Leo.
  • Honor the ancient Egyptian Lioness Goddess Sekhmet & the primordial Goddess Isis.
  • Meditate with green crystals like Peridot, Amazonite, and Aventurine over your heart chakra.

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