Weekly Astrology Forecast I August 21 - Virgo Season: Seek Your Ideal Life

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Mantra: “When I focus deeply on fine-tuning my life, I reap the rewards of my efforts.”

Get ready to come back down from cloud nine! After a few weeks of high drama and summer furor, the Sun changes the overall energy in the sky as it enters the ninth sign of the Zodiac… Virgo. When you open your eyes this coming Wednesday, notice if you feel a shift after Virgo season officially commences at 2:01 a.m. Pacific Time.

While this shift from Fire to Earth is always felt, this year, it will be more noticeable and perhaps even more welcomed. Of the twelve zodiac signs, Virgo is the most organized, practical, and detailed-oriented. This highly productive energy is tasked with helping us figure out “what’s misaligned or needs to be fixed or made more efficient.” In 2023, this will be especially true with two planets, Venus and Mercury, overlapping retrogrades from August 23 to September 3. During this time, we will be challenged, and our spiritual endurance will be tested. (Check out our next blog about how Mercury Retrograde will affect you!)

Virgo season requires hard work, but the rewards can be immense—after all, this is the Zodiac sign that relates to the abundance of the harvest. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat, representing the natural gestation cycle, from conception to birth, from sowing to reaping.


Themes to Work on this Virgo Season:

Career: See the obstacles and setbacks that might be arriving from August 21st to September 1st as opportunities to re-work and re-view career projects that have gotten stalled and are stuck. During this process, figure out if a lack of boundaries with teammates has become a “too many cooks in the kitchen” kind of problem.

Life: Virgo season is the time to work on our mind-body-spirit connection, a time to ask ourselves if we’ve been giving too much attention to a part of ourselves and neglecting the other one. If your actions don’t reflect what your inner child craves due to negative self-talk, this is the time to seek balance and give yourself what your soul craves.

Relationships: Allow yourself to become hyper-analytical in this part of your life in order to figure out which relationships are worth your energy, and which are not. This is the continuation of a process that began back around July 22, which is when Venus entered its current retrograde.

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