Weekly Astrology Forecast I January 1: Mercury Goes Direct - 2024 Crystal Magic Meditation

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Welcome to 2024 - a brand-new year! The astrology of 2024 is unique in the sense that it will initiate us into a powerful cycle that will last for the next twenty years. As reality around us continues to shift, we get the opportunity to create a new storyline.

There is no better proof of this than Mercury - the Planet of Communication and Thought Process - going direct in the optimistic and philosophical sign of Sagittarius on January 1st. Since December 12th, Mercury Retrograde has inspired us to review our overall life focus, serving as preparation for this epic entrance into 2024.

As you jump into the year ahead, let Mercury show you the way with the ritual below! 

2024 Crystal Magic Meditation

You'll need incense, a green candle, and two crystals that are known for their magical qualities, such as Lemurian Quartz, Herkimer Diamond, or Rutilated Quartz. 

Choose a quiet room and begin clearing each of the four corners with the incense. Hold one stone in each hand, palms facing up, as you close your eyes while taking several cleansing breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Focusing on the stone in your dominant hand, reflect on what transpired for you in 2023. Don’t judge it, just remember and be grateful for it all as you allow for those images to fade into the background. 

Next, hold the other crystal in your non-dominant hand and visualize new opportunities, relationships, or blessings coming your way. Deeply focusing on the stone, imagine your biggest 2024 intentions manifesting and coming to fruition. When you're done, thank your higher power and allow the stones to charge under the Moon’s glow overnight. For inspiration, below is the area of life Mercury will activate, according to your rising sign! 

Aries: 9th house of travel, learning, spirituality, life philosophy

Taurus: 8th house: of healing sex, intimacy, transformation, other people’s money

Gemini: 7th house of relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners

Cancer: 6th house of work, wellness, pets, life processes

Leo: 5th house of children, fun, play, creativity

Virgo: 4th house of home, family, roots, foundations

Libra: 3rd house of speech, communication, siblings, transportation

Scorpio: 2nd house of money, resources, budget, personal values

Sagittarius: 1st house of identity, self-image, the body, approach to life

Capricorn: 12th house of spirituality, healing, secrets, the subconscious mind

Aquarius: 11th house of community, friendships, networking, hopes & dreams

Pisces: 10th house of career, reputation, visibility, life purpose


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