Weekly Astrology Forecast I December 26 Full Moon in Cancer - Activate Your Luck in 2024 With These 3 Full Moon Magic Rituals

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This year ends with a bang with the arrival of the last Full Moon of 2023! Arriving on Tuesday, December 26th at 4:33 p.m., this event brings Big Queen Energy! Happening in Cancer, the sign of the Divine Mother, this lunar event supercharges the healing powers of the Moon. To assist you in channeling her wisdom, we have created three powerful rituals to perform this week! 

A Tuesday Ritual to Remember Your Power

For this ritual, you'll need incense, a red candle, matches, three pieces of Bloodstone, a high-vibe music playlist, and your best dance moves. 

Begin by clearing every corner of your space with the incense. Surround your candle with the three stones, turn your playlist, and light your candle while saying the mantra: “I am grateful for the learnings I experienced in 2023; I am ready for something better, bigger, and more in line with my truest and most powerful self!” Dance around the candle for several songs, leaving behind what no longer serves you and welcome a new energy for 2024. Light your red candle every time you need to remind yourself of your immense power!  

A Thursday Ritual to Attract 2024 Luck

For this ritual, you'll need sage, a yellow candle, matches, and four pieces of either Amethyst or Citrine. 

Create a sacred space by clearing it out with sage, carving your name into the candle before forming a square around it with the crystals. Close your eyes and take three cleansing breaths, then light the candle while saying "I call in abundance." Imagine the crystals forming four tall pillars of golden light around you, that reach deep into the earth's core, rising into the cosmos. Allow the wax to burn down completely, and be sure to carry the stones whenever you could use some extra luck! 

A Sunday Ritual to Reawaken Your Creativity

For this ritual, you'll need images (printed or from a magazine), a yellow candle, matches, a piece of Bumblebee Jasper, and your art supplies. 

Turn your yellow candle on while saying “I call in the light of the Sun to reawaken my inner muse.” Grab the piece of Bumblebee Jasper and begin meditating while visualizing a golden light around you. Once you feel connected to your creativity, grab your images and begin creating a collage of how you envision your 2024 manifesting. Make sure to add rainbows, crystals, people, and even images of the places you would like to visit, getting wild and colorful!


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