DECEMBER 20: Asteroid Vesta Goes Retrograde in Gemini - Keep Your Spiritual Flame Alive


Mantra: “When I balance the two sides of my brain, I keep my spiritual flame alive.” 

It’s a big week in the sky! As we turn the page to another season, the Winter, our eyes turn to one of the most fascinating planetary bodies in the asteroid belt. Her name is Vesta, by far the most feminist of all four asteroids known as the Asteroid Goddesses

Vesta is the representation of the eternal flame and the purest of all feminine archetypes, bringing themes of spiritual devotion, sexual purity, and sovereign autonomy. Astrologically, Vesta represents the ability to focus energy and experience wholeness of self. Named after the Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome, who kept the flame alive, Vesta reminds us of the current practices we need, as a collective, to keep our inner fire alive and burning. 

As part of its retrograde, asteroid Vesta will be retrograde in Gemini from December 20th to February 8th, asking us to devote ourselves to working with the energy of this zodiac sign. When traveling in Gemini, Vesta’s divine feminine influence reaches its highest mental expression, moving its fire from the heart toward the mind. For the next two months, Vesta Retrograde in Gemini guides us in working with the archetype of the Twins in seeking balance between both sides of the brain, so we can reach true intellectual wholeness. 

The right brain is associated with yin feminine energy, which rules creativity, intuition, emotion, and abstract thought. The left brain is associated with yang masculine energy, being analytical, methodical, objective, and discriminating. Maintaining a harmonic balance between the two hemispheres of the brain stimulates the mind, expanding its processing power and creating balance and harmony within. Below are some simple practices to guide you! 

Vesta Retrograde in Gemini Rituals

  • Slowly roll your eyes from left to right in a circular motion without straining them.
  • Try doing at least one daily chore a day with your less dominant hand. For example, try left-hand writing if you are right-handed, or the other way around. 
  • Practice the Alternate Nostril Breathing Yogi Meditation: Breathe in through the left nostril while closing the right nostril with your thumb finger. Release the thumb on the right nostril and breathe out through the right side. Inhale through the right nostril, close with the thumb, release the ring finger from the left side and exhale through the left nostril. Do this a total of nine times.  
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