Weekly Astrology Forecast I January 8: New Moon in Capricorn: Get Clear on Your Career Path with this New Moon Ritual

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Feel your ambitious side coming out this week as we prepare to welcome January’s New Moon, the first lunar event of 2024! On Thursday, January 11th at 3:57 a.m. Pacific Time, the Moon renews itself in the sign of Capricorn. Archetypally, there is no other zodiac sign that is more connected to career, public image, and self-mastery. Capricorn rules our ability to show up publicly, not only in business, but in life! 

While we have a New Moon in Capricorn every year, in 2023, it feels more relevant due to transformative Pluto leaving Capricorn after being there for the past fifteen years! Due to this rare sign change that no one alive has experienced, many of us are seeing changes in our careers. If this resonates with you, trust that things are moving, shifting, and redirecting. Instead of dwelling on the past, we must carefully study it along with the lessons it brought us, setting our eyes towards the future and all its possibilities. If you’re ready to get clear on your long-term career goals, the following ritual is for you. 

New Moon in Capricorn Ritual

You will need a big sheet of paper or notebook, a pen, matches, and three candles (black, white, and blue). Begin by writing in your notebook the next three columns, from left to right…

Column one: My past career journey

Column two: My current career state

Column three: My biggest dream! 

Next, light your black candle while you list under Column Number One your career achievements and what you experienced in this area of life in the past fifteen years, since 2008. Take your time here and be reminiscent of your learnings and your wins as you watch the black candle burn down. 

For the second step, light your white candle as you list in Column Number Two all the changes you see in yourself, your ambitions, as well as your industry. List everything, from the pros to the cons of AI, new technology, as well as other incoming trends you have noticed. 

Lastly, light the blue candle on as you list in Column Number Three what you see yourself achieving over the next two decades that transformative Pluto will be in futuristic Aquarius. Allow yourself to get wild and crazy here – and especially – think big! 

End the ritual by snuffing out all three candles and leaving the sheet in your office space to remind yourself of your journey and your biggest career aspirations! 


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