Weekly Astrology Forecast I Manifesting in the Age of Aquarius!

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Mantra: “As everything around me evolves, I upgrade how I deliver my unique gifts to the world.” 

Like a bolting light, see your mind quickly being transported to the future! The most exciting astro-news arrives later in the week, but with immense power. On Saturday, January 20th, the Sun begins taking its yearly tour in the sign of Aquarius. Archetypally, Aquarius is the freedom-loving sign of accelerated change, ruling over intellect, technology, and rebellion. 

In 2024, Aquarius season takes on ever more prominence as Pluto - the Planet of Power and Transformation - also enters Aquarius. For the next twenty years, we will all be working with this planet-sign combination at both, a collective and personal level. Taking this even further, this rare entrance of Pluto into the sign of the Water-Bearer (which hasn’t happened since 1798!), officially anchors the Age of Aquarius. Known as “the Age of Light,” the Aquarian Era officially began when the Mayan Calendar ended, back in 2012, and will develop over the next 2,016 years!

If you ever expected spirituality to unite with science as well as social justice, you’re living in the right time - and for a very specific reason! Below are some ways in which you can honor this energy, which will be especially active for the next month. 

Spiritual Activism

In the Age of Aquarius, activism will take on many forms as people gather, physically or virtually, in a deeper spirit of community. However, real change begins at home, either on our yoga mats or our meditation cushions. In your rituals or morning meditations, begin calling in the type of society and world you desire to live in. 

True Open-Mindedness

Aquarian energy is intellectual, making room for a wide variety of opinions to co-exist with one another. Instigating healthy dialogue between each other will be the vibe now, and one that will help us overcome the obstacles of these highly changing times. This Aquarius season, ask yourself: How can I open my mind and still stay true to my beliefs? 

Conscious Business

One of the most exciting manifestations of the Age of Aquarius is the development of more individual businesses - and especially - those that focus on spirituality. If you ever desired to become a wellness coach, a Tarot reader, an astrologer, or a healer, your time is now! In full awareness that the world needs your unique gifts, how can you truly begin to showcase them?  


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