Weekly Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition l July 19th to July 25

By Narayana Montúfar

Creativity & Removing Blocks: Change is in the air! The week ahead brings an overall energetic shift, as two key planets will be switching signs. While Venus is still in Leo on Monday and Tuesday, we get access to the best of this fire sign’s colorful exuberance, making these days ideal for working on projects that are close to our hearts. On Wednesday, Venus will enter Virgo, a territory that is not particularly comfortable for the warm, artistic goddess.

The good news is that the next day, the bright Sun begins its annual tour in the sign of the Lion. Since the Sun is the natural ruler of Leo, and one of its most powerful signs to be in, we are all bound to receive a boost of creativity. Leo is associated with the 5th house of creativity, sex, and dating. Bright, bold, and enthusiastic, Leo roars with audacious flair! At its highest vibration, Leo is the archetype of the dramatic performer, overflowing with joyful self-expression. And even though Leo season comes with its fair share of intense astrological aspects, it will provide us with enough energy to reinvent ourselves. 

To welcome the regal Sun in Leo, Lady Luna comes out in her full splendor as she rises in the night sky. On Friday, July 23rd at 7:37 p.m. Pacific Time, we will be under the spell of July’s Full Moon. Being one of the most important lunations of the year, this is the first of two Full Moons that will occur, back-to-back, in Aquarius. This is rare, as we only get to experience two Full Moons in the same zodiac sign once a year.

During this full moon, we can expect a lot of twists, surprises, and endings! Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, the two planets that are changing the structure of our lives and moving us towards the future. This Full Moon is activating 2021’s themes of change and innovation, making its energy ideal for removing obstacles.

If you have been resisting making important changes in your life, this lunation is for you. This Full Moon is ideal for making big and bold moves, as the energy of change will be behind us. If you’re ready to say goodbye to any blockages, this Aquarian influence is ideal for performing a banishing ritual that will eliminate the old so you can move in the new! 

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