Astrology Forecast for House of Intuition: June 26th to August 1st  

By Narayana Montúfar

Ambition & Vitality: Leo season started with a bang with the immediate arrival of the Full Moon asking us to remove obstacles along our path. As we begin the last week of July and the Sun gets deeper into Leo’s territory, the cosmos wants us to shine our brightest. When the star of our solar system spends time in Leo, solar energy is at its strongest, making it an ideal time to focus on ourselves. Absorbing the sunlight, lighting candles, and strengthening our vitality are some ideal practices that will align us to the mighty Leo Sun as a healthy form of feeding our ego and sense of Self.

This need to channel our inner fire will be especially true as messenger Mercury also enters Leo on Tuesday, where it will stay for the next two weeks (until August 11).  If you’ve had a hard time communicating, this shift should be quite welcome, as Mercury helps us best interact when traveling in Leo’s bold and cheerful territory. From this moment on, conversations will be fast and furious—and everything, but boring!

That being said, Monday through Thursday are the best days to assert ourselves by chasing goals. Mars, the planet of action, drive, and assertion is leaving Leo to enter chill, earth sign Virgo, on Thursday. But before leaving the Lion’s kingdom, Mars delivers an energetic bombshell by connecting with Jupiter in Aquarius. As the biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter expands everything that it touches. So, during these days, we can expect our energy, ambition, and thirst for success to increase. Tuesday and Wednesday look strong for scheduling a meeting, presentation, or discussion that requires us to be bold and impress our audience. The Moon will be in Aries, adding a dash of fire to an already exciting week. 

But… there’s a catch! By the time Saturday and Sunday arrive, the Sun will be getting into a tricky configuration with stern Saturn, which is currently retrograde in Aquarius. Do expect to run into some obstacles as the week comes to an end, making this weekend ideal for chilling out and practicing self-care. By then, the Moon will be in Taurus, refocusing our attention on resting and restoring our energy. Over the weekend, signs, messages, and a-ha moments will be the norm—so lay down and enjoy the ride!

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