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Extra Long Candle Matches

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House of Intuition's first own matches, created specifically for candle magic use. These easy to light extra long matches are perfect for relighting a candle deep inside the glass or lighting multiple candles with one match. More info

We have two sets: The Sun and The Moon.

The Sun, which also rules our star sign, sheds light on the greatest reflection of ourselves, as it is our soul's truest and most authentic identity. It's the source of all life on Earth and we could literally not exist without it. We should honor and give endless thanks to our beautiful Sun for the wonderful gift of life. “What is my purpose? Who am I? Why am I here?” are all questions that fall under the Sun sign umbrella, as this sign allows for those questions to begin to be answered.

The Moon is our radiant, benevolent, and feminine planet. It also controls our Moon sign, since the Moon changes course roughly every two and a half days. Subsequently, consider your Moon sign your inner-guide to your most personal and sacred self. What are the things that make you feel safe, nurtured, and secure? This is best answered by your Moon sign, which acts like an emotional compass to these inner-battles of sanctuary. Start tracking the Moon's phases, as it's the greatest tool for all decision-making, and it's a wonderful planet for rituals and intention-setting.


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