Honor the Descent of the Goddess with these Ceremonies

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This week, Venus - the Goddess of Pleasure - makes an important move in the sky. From April 4 to April 28, Venus will be in Aries, which will feel like an initiation, as Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac. All Venusian things (relationships, money, and social interactions) will intensify over the next three weeks. To honor this planet-sign combination, we have crafted four Friday night rituals for you, as Friday is the day of the week ruled by Venus. 

Friday, April 5: You will need rose essential oil and red roses. 

Tonight, the Moon is in Pisces, making it perfect for a ritual bath! Once your tub is filled with water, add a few drops of rose essential oil while repairing the mantra: “That the water washes away my impulsivity.” Next, grab the roses and spread the petals all over the tub. Once in, imagine the beauty of the roses absorbing any impurities from your mind, body, and spirit. 

Friday, April 12: You will need a light blue candle and matches. 

Since the Moon is currently traveling in Gemini, words and self-expression adopt power. Find a place outside or by a window where you can see the Moon or at least the sky. Light your candle and imagine a beam of blue light coming from the sky and activating your throat chakra. Repeat the following mantra six times “Whenever I express myself, I do it in reverence to my goddess-like nature.” 

Friday, April 19: You will need a place in nature. 

Stand on the grass barefoot and set the intention of connecting with Venus by imagining a bright red light coming from the sky. Focus the light on your root chakra while you build up a feeling of safety and comfort in your own body. End the ritual by repeating the following mantra: “Like the goddess, I am a warrior queen and stay strong in the face of adversity.” 

Friday, April 26: You will need a red candle and your favorite cleansing herb. 

Light the red candle and begin gazing at the flame as you imagine a beam of red light coming out of the flame and protecting your entire space. Next, light your herb (my favorites are Palo Santo & Sage) and smoke every corner of your house while repeating the following mantra: “That the fire goddess protects every corner of my abode.” End the ritual with a “thank you.”


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