Weekly Astrology Forecast I April 8: Solar Eclipse in Aries - Seek Deep Healing

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Prepare for an eventful week! The second eclipse of 2024 arrives on Monday, April 8th at 11:21 a.m. Pacific Time. Astronomically, this eclipse is major due to it being the last visible eclipse in North America until 2044! Astrologically, this eclipse is also strong due to a line-up of a total of six astral influences traveling in the sign of Aries. 

Out of these six planetary influences, Chiron is leading the way and where our focus would be when it comes to understanding the signatures of this eclipse. In astrology, Chiron brings the archetype of the Wounded Healer, the epic mythological centaur who rose against all odds to help others in need of healing. The story of Chiron is one of courage, selflessness, and spiritual evolution. Since Chiron was first discovered in 1977, the holistic arts began booming and the word “healing” began taking a completely different connotation beyond the physical. 

At the April 8 New Moon Solar Eclipse, we are not being asked, but pushed, to seek deep healing, which requires taking a deep dive into our inner world. Collectively, we are healing the shadow side of Aries, which relates to the manifestation of the overly masculine (in both men and women) energy. This shadow side is angry, intense, and closed-minded- seeking instant gratification and situations where only one side wins. At its highest vibration, the higher vibration of Aries defends, supports, and leads others with conviction, courage, and love. It creates win-win situations and a true (not only perceived) sense of harmony. 

At a personal level, this eclipse is impacting us differently, according to our rising sign. For those who know their chart, another layer of interpretation can be found by exploring your personal Chiron placement by zodiac sign and astrological house. Below are the areas of life that you might want to set the intention of healing during your eclipse rituals. Read your Rising as well as Sun sign. 

Aries: identity, self-image, the body, approach to life

Taurus: spirituality, healing, secrets, the subconscious mind

Gemini: community, friendships, networking, hopes & dreams

Cancer: career, reputation, visibility, life purpose

Leo: travel, learning, spirituality, life philosophy

Virgo: healing sex, intimacy, transformation, other people’s money

Libra: relationships, marriage, contracts, business partners

Scorpio: work, wellness, pets, life processes

Sagittarius: children, fun, play, creativity

Capricorn: home, family, roots, foundations

Aquarius: speech, communication, siblings, transportation

Pisces: money, resources, budget, personal values


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