Weekly Astrology Forecast I April 15: An Abundance Invokation for Taurus Season

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Spring season reaches its climax this week! On Friday, April 19th at 7:00 a.m. Pacific Time, the Sun enters Taurus, bringing a very awaited shift in energy! While the fiery vibes will remain active for some time, the earthy influence of the Taurus Sun will help us feel more grounded. Today also brings the end of Eclipse Season, slowly returning to a normal sky after weeks of major shifts and turns. Since “manifestation” rituals are not meant to be practiced during eclipse season, the road is now clear! 

Ruled by Goddess Venus, Taurus Season is a time of the year to open our senses to the blooming gifts of nature. This is the time of the year to reconnect with nature and abundance in its purest form. If you’re ready to invoke more riches in your life, the following invocation is for you! 

An Abundance Invokation 

You will need a small plant (see guidance below), a pot, potting soil, a jar of water, and a small patch of Earth. This ritual is best practiced before Tuesday, April 23rd, before this month’s Full Moon. 

Plant Guidance: 

Basil for money

Rosemary for love

Alfalfa for luck in business success 

Mint to attract good spirits

Horehound for creativity

Succulents to call in endurance and resilience

After gathering your items, begin taking a few cleansing breaths as you connect with the spirit of Gaia. Put your barefoot feet on the ground and as you inhale and exhale, imagine a ray of green light emerging from the Earth, penetrating your feet, and slowly making its way up your spine. 

Next, think about the happiest moment you’ve ever experienced. It can be anything, an event, a person, or a situation that brought you joy. This is the most important step, so spend as long as possible building up that feeling of happiness and abundance. Once your heart is filled with joy, grab the small plant, and while holding it in your hands, begin imagining yourself surrounded by flowers, plants, birds, and maybe even rainbows. 

Repeat the mantra “That abundance finds me wherever I go” two times and proceed to put the plant in its pot with the soil. End the ritual by watering while saying “I invoke the assistance of Venus to make my dreams flower and bloom.” Every time you water your plant, try for at least a  moment, to reconnect with that feeling of joy and abundance. 


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