April Blog#2: Harness the Brilliance of the Cosmos: Jupiter conjunct Uranus

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One of the most exciting astrological signatures of 2024 arrives this week! On Saturday, April 20th, Jupiter - the Planet of Expansion - meets with Uranus - the Planet of Genius. Spanning between mid-March and mid-May, the effects of this combination can be felt as surprises, nervousness, eccentric ideas, genius inspiration - and either breakdowns or breakthroughs! This is a time to see, do, and approach things differently. Below is how you can harness this energy, according to your Rising Sign. 

Aries: You could be in for a financial windfall - or at least, the arrival of an out-of-the-box and futuristic idea that makes you loads of money! 

Taurus: Your sense of identity is receiving an upgrade now, asking you to see (and show) yourself under a more fun and eclectic lens. Dare to break your own mold! 

Gemini: Reaching incredibly high levels of consciousness is available to you now via your dreams and deep meditative states. Try recording these outer-worldly visions! 

Cancer: There is power in numbers, making this a fantastic moment to get together with friends or collaborators so you can brainstorm ideas for the future. 

Leo: You could be catapulted to a position of power in your industry. Alternatively, you might drop your current job as a more exciting path becomes available to you. 

Virgo: A mind-expanding fact or idea might come to you now, completely changing the way you see the world around you. A good time to travel and study! 

Libra: You might never relate to others the same way as big breakthroughs around relationships and intimacy arrive now. Allow your heart to receive this upgrade! 

Scorpio: You might suddenly begin a new relationship (romantic or business) that opens your mind to newer possibilities. This is a time to do things differently! 

Sagittarius: New tools or ways of doing your work could be found now, lowering your workload or at least helping you produce with less effort. 

Capricorn: An eccentric person (or most likely lover) could come into your life now with the finality of bringing excitement and fun into your life. 

Aquarius: New information coming to light might give you new insight into your roots, your family tree, and even your ancestry. Dig deep and reach for the gold! 

Pisces: Out of all zodiac signs, you could come up with a groundbreaking idea that sets your work apart from the work of others Vision-boarding might be in order now! 


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