Weekly Astrology Forecast I April 22: A Scorpio Full Moon Spell to Banish Doubt

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Prepare for major realizations! This week, Mercury goes direct on Thursday, two days after this month’s Full Moon, which arrives on Tuesday, April 23rd at 4:49 p.m. Pacific Time. In tandem, these two astrological happenings are bound to take us for a ride! 

All Full Moons are times of climax, endings, and manifestations. But because this is the very end of the lunar cycle, what transpires now for us was already set in motion either a month ago or even six months ago! What did you begin around the November 13 New Moon? For some of us, looking back could help decipher what’s in store now. 

Every single Full Moon comes with a specific energetic signature. Happening in Scorpio, this lunar event will have us transmute darkness into light - but to get to the light, we must first explore the void of our deepest feelings. In the end, Scorpio is the zodiac sign of transformation, and its cosmic job is to alchemize the old into newer, powerful visions. 

Most likely, these powerful visions are lurking beneath the surface, wanting to come out. After all, the luminaries are awakening the transformative powers of Pluto, which recently made a powerful once-in-a-decade move! What’s preventing these powerful visions of the future from coming out are doubt and the fear of change. All three zodiac signs involved in this week’s powerful Full Moon - Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius - bring a stubborn nature. 

If you feel like you are on the verge of finding a new beginning, a new vision, or a new life but fear and doubt are stopping you, the Full Moon banishing spell below is for you!

A Scorpio Full Moon Spell to Banish Doubt

You will need a small black candle, matches, pen and paper, and a printed version of the Death Tarot card.  

Find a quiet place outside, preferably under the Full Moon, and begin cleansing your ritual space with sage. Next, write down any feelings of doubt or fear that are preventing you from moving forward. Once you’re done writing, fold the sheet and put it under the black candle before lighting it and repeating the following mantra: “That the Death Tarot card banishes all my fears, doubts, and holdbacks.” As you watch the small candle burn down, imagine what's in the sheet melting away into the wax. Once the candle is almost finished, burn the Tarot card while repeating the mantra one more time.


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