Weekly Astrology Forecast I April 1: Master Mercury Retrograde with this Fire Ritual

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Mantra: “When everything changes around me, the fire element heals and purifies me,” 

It’s here! The first retrograde of 2024 has arrived and no one will be exempt from its effects. Mercury—the Master of Communication—will be retrograde between April 1 and April 25. As it normally does, Mercury will initiate us into a cosmic rite of passage that will change our approach to themes that are currently relevant in our lives.

The reason why this retrograde will be intense is because it overlaps with eclipse season, a time of the year that is already full of transformation. This Mercury retrograde is happening in Aries, a zodiac sign known for its fast-and-furious demeanor. During this retrograde of Mercury, things will be happening fast and in more ways than one, this speed will challenge us to stay calm in the eye of the storm. 

When the fire element takes over as it will do during this retrograde, we can benefit from it. The first step is to create conscious awareness around its effects so we can utilize them at our advantage. All ancient cultures around the world have used fire ceremonies with the purpose of reaching healing and purifying states during key rites of passage. When feeling like you could use an energetic pick me up, the simple fire ceremony below can help, especially during the key dates for this retrograde, which are: April 8, April 11, April 15, April 19, and April 23.  

Mercury Retrograde Fire Ritual

You will need a red candle, matches, and a red crystal - Garnet, Carnelian, and Red Jasper are good options. This ritual is simple by design so you can repeat it as many times as possible during this retrograde. 

Whenever feeling upset or triggered, begin by sitting in a lotus pose facing East while you allow your mind to clear. Next, grab your red candle, and while holding it in front of your forehead, repeat the mantra: “That the fire I gaze at helps purify the fire within.” Light your candle and while gazing at the flame for a few minutes, think about anything that is bringing stress to your life. Whether that’s relationships, career, or money, make sure you squeeze every single feeling of anger into the flame, allowing the fire to completely absorb it. End the ritual by saying “thank you” and sniffing the candle. 

Repeat the ritual as needed. 

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