APRIL 8 ECLIPSE + Asteroid Vesta! - Protect Your Home With This Fire Ritual

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Mercury Retrograde season started on April 1st - Are you feeling the heat? Also after last week’s lunar eclipse, the energy begins to balance out a bit. However, the fiery currents infusing the atmosphere is far from being over - after all, there are a total of five planetary bodies traveling in Fire signs as we closed out March. Next week, these bodies will carry us into the SECOND eclipse of 2024, on April 8!

Astrologically, Fire is the element of passion, intuition, and spontaneity. It carries an initiatory energy that can normally spring us into action in the pursuit of our goals. The thing is: we are in the middle of eclipse season, a time of the year that is less about doing and more about surrendering and flowing. In the natural world, Fire can be either turned off or contained, but when it comes to the Fire in the sky, it can only be harnessed. 

This week, the key to harnessing the surplus of fire is Vesta - the asteroid of the hearth and spiritual devotion - entering Cancer, the sign of family and home. In ancient Rome, Vesta’s role was to keep the fire alive to protect the city from strife. Therefore, from March 30th to June 19th, practicing the ritual below can assist in creating the nurturing and sacred space we need this eclipse season and beyond.

Vesta in Cancer Fire Ritual

You will need a small mirror, a small red candle, a small blue candle, salt, incense, and matches

Begin by taking your items to your favorite place in your home, sit next to them, and begin imagining a beam of blue light coming from the sky, blessing each one of your candles. After lighting the incense, pass it around your candles as well as the mirror to remove any remaining energies. 

Next, light both candles and bring the mirror to the flame of the red candle while saying the mantra: “That the fire within protects me and my home from all unwanted energies from the outside world.” Grab the salt and drop it all over the outside of your doorstep while repeating the same mantra one more time. Then, bring the mirror to the flame of the blue candle and say: “That the fire traveling now in the sky above me enhances my intuition and connection to spirit.” Meditate for at least fifteen minutes or stare at the candle until the candle burns off completely. You and your abode are now protected!

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