NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS: A New Moon Ritual to Welcome the Year of the Wood Dragon

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It’s a New Moon week — and one that comes in fiery and colorful! On Friday, February 9th at 2:59 p.m. Pacific Time, the Moon becomes new in the sign of Aquarius. What’s different about this New Moon is that it officially kicks off the Chinese New Year. From February 10 to January 28, 2025, we will be in the Year of the Wood Dragon. To better understand what this means, let’s dive into this fascinating archetype, which has not occurred since 1964! 

The Dragon: Being the only mythological creature in the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon represents great power, good luck, prosperity, and strength. It guides us in seeing one’s true self, getting us back in touch with concepts of courage and vision. 

The Wood Element: Representing growth, renewal, and vitality, Wood is the element of spring; it brings the creative urge to achieve, associated with stability and the capacity to look forward, plan, and make decisions in order to expand. 

The Wood Dragon: This combination is set to bring evolution, improvement, and abundance, making it the perfect time for courageously revitalizing new beginnings and setting the foundation for long-term success. It is a time to embrace self-authority and dare to travel to places few have been!  


Year of the Wood Dragon Ritual

You will need an image of a Dragon, red flowers, a red candle, a hand mirror, and five wishes for the Chinese New Year. 

Begin by setting up near a window that faces outdoors. Light your red candle as you imagine a beam of golden light coming through the window glass and taking over the entire room as well as your aura. Once you feel empowered, say the following mantra five times: “I awaken my inner dragon and along with it, the sacred intelligence of my soul.” 

Next, grab the Dragon image and set an intention for the year ahead. After expressing your desire, connect with Dragon energy by looking super deeply at the image, noticing its colors, movement, and demeanor. Then, grab the mirror and stare at your own eyes as if you were staring into the Dragon’s eyes. What do the Dragon’s eyes say about your desire? Take note of any visions or images that come your way. 

Repeat this last step four more times, with each of your wishes that can develop over the next twelve months. Lastly, end the ritual by leaving five red flowers outside your window as an offering to the Dragon’s soul. 


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