Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 5: Asteroid Vesta Goes Direct: A 7-Day Ritual to Open Your Throat Chakra

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The first full week of February comes full of feminine influence with three of the four “Asteroid Goddesses” being very active in the sky. Since, astrologically speaking, the first quarter of 2024 is all about healing, our eyes turn to Vesta, the Asteroid of Sacred Devotion. 

For the past two months (since November 2), Vesta Retrograde in Gemini brought scenarios in which we had to be quiet — or at least toned down — about our opinions. And the truth is that most of us (especially women) have work to do when it comes to self-expression. Now, as Vesta goes direct on Thursday, February 8, we can begin opening our throat chakras, liberating information that has been stuck and repressed. If you are ready to express yourself, the following rituals are for you! 

Monday: Ruled by the Moon, today is about getting those feelings off your chest. Write a letter to anyone who you never had the chance to talk to. When you’re finished, read it to yourself while looking in the mirror—and then, burn it outside under the moonlight. 

Tuesday: Ruled by Mars, today is about action and movement, so dive into a yoga practice and do poses that open the throat chakra: Cobra Pose, Cat-Cow, Bow Pose, Camel Pose, Shoulder stand, Fish Pose, and Lion’s Breath.  

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury, journal and repeat the following mantras five times: “When I express myself authentically, my opinion always matters.” “My voice is my vehicle for my thoughts to truly make an impact.” 

Thursday: Ruled by optimistic Jupiter, turn a high-vibrational playlist on today and meditate while visualizing the color light blue clearing your throat chakra, cleaning away any insecurities and stuck energy from the past.  

Friday: Ruled by Venus, today is about truly sharing the love you have for someone special. Write someone a letter expressing how you feel about them. Or even better: hand-deliver them yellow flowers or red roses! 

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn, today is the hardest but juiciest day! Call you mom or dad and spill the beans about one of those little white lies — that broken vase or true story about dad’s car dent.  

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun, today is perfect for tapping into your creativity. Grab your light blue inks or crayons and focus on drawing a lake as you visualize all your fears of expression being sucked out of your throat and being absorbed by the painting.   

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