Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 12: A Moon Magick Spell to Attract Love

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One of the most awaited celebrations happens this week with the arrival of Valentine’s Day. The words Love and Romance will be everywhere, reminding us of the power of our human, emotional nature. Every single Valentine’s Day holds a different astrological vibration—and in 2024, the stars are aligning to create some serious Moon Magick! 

In the practice of Planetary Magick, we always work with the planet that is currently in its strongest placement by Zodiac sign. During this year’s Valentine’s festivities, the Moon will take the reins of the sky, while traveling in its absolute favorite sign to be in — which is Taurus. While Valentine's Day gets off to an intense start with the Moon forming intense aspects to other planets in the morning, the vibe melts into a delicious symphony of sounds by the time the evening arrives. Tonight, the Moon harmonizes with Saturn and Jupiter, creating rapport and long-term contentment. To make the best of this combination, we have crafted a Moon Magick Love Spell to Attract Love. 

Moon Magick Love Spell

For optimal results, this magick spell should be done between Wednesday, February 14th at 7:02 a.m. and Friday, February 16th at 11:38 a.m. Pacific Time, while the Moon is in Taurus. 

You will need two silver candles, a selenite wand, Rose essential oil, and a cord. 

Begin by passing the Selenite wand around each one of the candles two times to clear from them any lingering vibes. Next, begin dressing the candles with the Rose essential oil from top to bottom and put them in fire-safe holders. Grab your cord and unite them while saying the mantra: “That the eternal light of the Moon unites us, if not now, by the next three Full Moons.” Next, light your candle while taking several deep breaths, imagining that you are exhaling negativity and self-doubt and inhaling infinite love from the universe. 

As the candles burn down, imagine three different scenarios in which you are united with the person of your dreams. Perhaps imagine meeting them, someone introducing them to you, or you running into their online profile. As you visualize these moments, allow for the candles to fully burn, and lastly, leave the remaining wax outside to charge under the moonlight. 

Add to your calendar to check back on the results of this spell by the April 23rd Full Pink Moon, which happens in the opposite sign, Scorpio. 


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