Weekly Astrology Forecast I February 19: Affirmations to Elevate Your Vibration this Pisces Season

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We have come to the end of a journey! On Sunday, February 18th at 8:13 p.m. Pacific Time, the Sun begins its four-week deep dive into the last sign of the Zodiac, Pisces. This year, Aquarius season brought a lot of intensity — and while Pisces season will have its own set of challenges, we can always count on the water element to wrap us around its healing influence. 

Represented by two Fish swimming in two opposite directions, Pisces is one of three dual signs, if not the most! Ruled by both, Neptune and Jupiter, its influence brings vibrations of collective oneness, unconditional compassion, and a profound connection with the universe. At its lowest vibration, however, Pisces energy can see us run in too many different directions, feeling lost and confused about our path.  

Sticking to its dual nature, Pisces season 2023 will activate the energy of two very different planets: Saturn and Neptune. While Saturn is about structure, responsibility, and building a strong foundation — Neptune is about dissolution, spiritual transcendence, and magic. For this reason, we can expect the first part of Pisces season to have a serious tone to it, when we are supposed to work hard towards our goals. The second part will be more about allowing ourselves to rest more, daydream, and truly enjoy a feeling of floating in nothingness. 

To set us up for success as we close this astrological year, the following ritual affirmations can help us align with these encountered influences. 


Pisces Season & Saturn Ritual Affirmations

February 21 - March 6

“What I am currently building in my life will become my legacy.” 

“When I act on my dreams, I am one step closer to their fruition.”

“The obstacles along my path are opportunities for self-mastery.” 

"I have dreamed beautiful dreams; now I am ready to manifest them."

“When I am aligned with my path, the universe opens doors in front of me.”

“Boundaries are not only healthy, they are necessary for long-term happy relationships.” 

Pisces Season & Neptune Ritual Affirmations

March 11 - March 19

“I am one with the universe.” 

“My intuition is my superpower.”

“What I focus my energy on expands.” 

"My imagination knows no boundaries."

“Crying isn’t bad, it is healing and cleansing.” 

“The same compassion I have for others I have for myself.” 

"I am a spiritual being living a human experience—and I love it!"

“I dissolve any doubts I have ever had about my personal power.” 



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