Weekly Astrology Forecast I July 3 - Capricorn Full Moon Rewards

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“When I show persistence and perseverance, the universe smiles upon me. I am reaping the rewards of staying true to my path.”

As you read this, feel the universe smiling upon you. As we enter July, we are under lucky stars, and being gifted one of the most beautiful lunar events of 2023. Since the Summer Solstice arrived on June 21st, our solar star has been shimmering through the warm waters of Cancer. Every year, in the heart of Summer, this zodiac sign connects us with the deepest parts of ourselves.

Cancer is not one of the most talked about zodiac signs, as it represents some of the most hidden and private parts of ourselves: family, home, roots, and ancestry. But we often forget that these parts are the foundation of who we truly are and strongly depict the role we will later play in society. Luckily, this week’s astrological alignments remind us of how important it is to tend to that “mostly hidden” side of ourselves.

On Monday, July 3rd at 4:39 a.m. Pacific Time, the Moon sits across from the Cancer Sun to become fully illuminated. This Full Moon rises in the skies of Capricorn, the zodiac sign that represents the opposite of Cancer. Ruled by stern Saturn—the Planet of Responsibility, Time, and Mastery—Capricorn is often seen as “the boss of the zodiac.” However, at a deeper level, Capricorn is about Legacy. This sign teaches us that to create something that can transcend us, it must have a meaningful component.

This week’s Full Moon is not only a beautiful reminder that when we tend to our inner garden and stay true to our heart’s desires (Cancer), we reap tangible results for our efforts (Capricorn)! Those of us who have been working hard towards making a dream come true for the past six months (since December 23) could receive incredible news now. Business, career, and professional goals are particularly highlighted.

Two cosmic big-hitters, Jupiter and Saturn, are now supporting us in manifesting that big dream that we crave and that also desires us. Together, they lend us the perfect combination of optimism and perseverance to keep building and expanding on it, as this dream is set to develop over the rest of the year. If you’re one of those lucky souls who receive sweet news under the moonlight, pat yourself on the back—because you earned it!

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