Weekly Astrology Forecast I June 26 - Remember Your Dreams with this Neptune Retrograde Ritual

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By Narayana Montúfar 


“Nothing happens unless first, we dream.” - Carl Sandburg


Get ready to get lost in a cloud of fantasy! The last week of June will feel like being in a movie, so give yourself time and space to work less and “just be.” This sleepy, sometimes foggy vibe will be emanated by Neptune—the Planet of Dreams and Magic—being ultra-active as it turns retrograde. Since Neptune rules all the non-tangible things in life like meditation, artistry, and psychic energy, expect these types of activities to magnetize you.

While sinking into these meditative states is always good for the soul, this week, they are the vehicles through which the universe delivers messages and epiphanies. Friday night is especially potent, it is when many of us could run into a piece of information that gets us to the heart of an important matter. Tonight, the sky delivers what astrologers call “Cazimi,” which is when communicative Mercury meets the Sun. Seen as a clarity-giving combination, this aspect aligns our minds with our hearts, uniting them in perfect harmony. If you are ready to download some gems, this astrological vibe and ritual are for you!


The Ritual

Grab a big piece of paper, scissors, and glue. You will need to go down memory lane, so pull out any photos, letters, journals, or anything meaningful that reminds you of something you desired at any point in your life’s journey. If some of these are digital, make sure to print them in color before you begin your ritual.

Once you have gathered this mini library of your life, choose the items that you feel more emotionally attached to. Narrow them down to twelve and begin to energetically connect to each one of them. Why did you desire to have it? Do you still want it? And… how would it feel to attain it? If this process makes you feel very emotional—that’s okay! We are in Cancer season, one of the most emotional times of the year!

Once you have built emotional momentum, begin by arranging and gluing them on the big piece of paper. If you need to cut them so they fit, do so, and arrange them in a way that feels natural to you. Then, add your own touch by adding stickers, colors, and symbols. Keep this collage in a special place so you can admire it any time you need to reconnect with your dreams.



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