Taper Intention Candles

If you thought your obsession with our Magic Candles was strong, wait until you get your hands on our new Taper Candle line!

Here at HOI, it was important for us to create our first-ever Taper Candle line to enhance our customers experience with candle magic and take it to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro at working with Taper Candles, each offering in our line comes with a how-to and specific intention-work for you to create with so you’ll never feel confused or intimidated by the process of using the candles.

Each Taper Candle set also comes with an anointing oil, which you can use to “dress” the candle by rubbing the oil directly onto the candle wax before burning. As an optional step, you may also carve the candle or dress it with additional herbs or crystals as well. When you’re finished with your candle spell work, simply place the Taper Candle into a candlestick, candelabra, or any heat and fire safe candle holder, light the tip of the wick and let the fire magic unfold.

Each of our Taper Candles come with a chosen wax color and a corresponding anointing oil to manifest whatever intention is set for them. For example: our Money Taper Candle comes with a green wax candle (for abundance, growth, and renewal), as well as an anointing oil blended with cinnamon, cedar, and pine (for wealth, fortunate, and opulence).

Be sure to check out the entire line and pick up which set(s) are calling to you!



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